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Microsoft and Google Go Head to Head

Posted on July 13, 2009 by Vanessa

Microsoft and Google seem to be dominating business and web announcements over the last few weeks and the trend doesn’t look like it is going to end any time soon.  Google’s big announcement last week was the Chrome operating system, which came right off the heels of the seemingly overwhelming Bing craze.  Microsoft has started out this week notifying us of an up-and-coming release of a free version of Office software that will be available over the web.  The programs will be similar to the MS Office suite and work in the same fashion as Google Docs.  Microsoft stands to lose by offering the product for free as they currently report an operating profit of $9.3 billion after the first three quarters of this fiscal year.  The company plans to push traffic for the online version of Office through Bing. 

As Google Docs continue to improve and consumers continue to adopt, it's likely put additional pressure on Microsoft to offer a complimentary service as well.  What’s important about what these two companies are doing is how it is going to affect business for eCommerce and entrepreneurs alike.  Marketers may have to consider Bing as a larger player than they would have (or at least, the spoiled child of very wealthy parents) and adjust ads and spend accordingly.  It will be important to pay attention to where each company spends their time, resources and focus; each announcement could mean big changes this year.


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