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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of June 26th, 2009

Posted on June 29, 2009 by Vanessa
  • By now most of us have heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, what really surprised me was the way in which many of us found out about it…. Twitter.  Twitter may be having a far greater impact than we may even know.

  • This title speaks for itself: Amazon: “A Search Engine With A Warehouse”.

  • We know that load times affect user behavior, but would you say that fractions of a second could have a billion dollar price tag?

  • Are you ignoring important landing pages?

  • Apparently there is controversy over personalized ads, but are we really surprised that people don’t want to share their social security numbers?

Kohler is arguably one of the most innovative brands in the home improvement industry. The new Karbon faucet has completely transformed the kitchen and more specifically revolutionized the kitchen faucet. Meanwhile Kohler seems to effortlessly create bathroom fixtures that are not only sleek but save water, like the Escale toilet.

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