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Extreme Internet Marketing: A Crash Course from ShoeMoney

Posted on June 8, 2009 by Zach

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Extreme Internet Marketing

How many times have you really heard that and laughed to yourself at the guy standing there in American flag baggy pants? Well, this time there is no laughing, no jokes (at least from me), it’s a serious internet marketing topic and I figured it warranted a blog post.

Recently, ShoeMoney posted about his newly released, free, “ShoeMoney Extreme Internet Marketing Program”. Now, many might glaze over this and pass it off as another gimmick but I would have them read ShoeMoney's blog post about the program, look at his track record and at least take a look at the programs content.

In his blog post ShoeMoney makes several good points such as there are no great free resources he would recommend for someone to see what internet marketing is all about.  The last thing he would recommend is one of the paid courses to someone who is not sure if internet marketing is going to be something for them. Plus I happen to agree with him in that even if he were to recommend a course, many of the courses don't address a majority of the internet marketing channels. That being said he decided to make one himself, give it away for free and partner with advertising platforms to help people get started and learn. Now this is a great way for ShoeMoney to promote his blog, products and brand.  After being slightly interested and signing up I can say that this looks to have some great information, quality feel and someone with passion and great industry knowledge behind it.

I highly encourage anyone even remotely interested in internet marketing, from the skeptic, to the seasoned pro, to sign up and check it out.

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