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Scaling AdWords Campaigns to Other Search Engine Advertising Platforms

Posted on May 14, 2009 by Chad

Recently, I have come across several obstacles in my attempts to streamline a process in converting, already created, Google AdWords campaigns to both MSN and Yahoo SEM platforms.  The support I have received thus far from both MSN and Yahoo usually ends up being a call to their own respective support centers who don't offer much help other than the famous saying "we have escalated your case and will email you in due time." Sometimes within a few hours, sometimes within a few days I will receive some information asking me to search the help or FAQ on their website to find the answers that I have been waiting for. Seeing as searching the help and FAQ is a no brainer I typically email them back asking them to refer to my first e-mail and help me with my question or issue.  What’s funny is how they tout the ease of converting AdWords campaigns over to their platforms.

I don't think they understand that using their documentation is usually what gets me in trouble in the first place.  On several occasions the information in the help and FAQ has led to an increase in the number of errors, leading me to believe there was a problem with the file or the tool on the website.

Typically it takes a re-explanation before I am told that several of their other accounts are having the same issue and the technical team is working on it. Oh well, I hold no grudges toward their support staff as I am a bit of an optimist and will give people the benefit of the doubt.  What is strange though, is that throughout this whole scenario, both converting tools for MSN and Yahoo continue to be useless in actually converting Google campaigns.  Furthermore if both search engines advertise the tool as a benefit it seems that there should be more support and better upkeep of the tool so that search engine marketers aren’t forced to recreate ads over again.

Take this graph from The Rimm-Kaufman Group (it’s from last year but the numbers haven’t changed all that much, if at all):


Feb ‘08 Paid Search Market Share: Google Gains, Yahoo Loses, Economic Slowdown Not Observed

Given the information above I would think that MSN and Yahoo could only increase their share of the paid search market if they made it easier on marketers to not only create ads, but to transfer ads.  The focus of ad creation is going to lie in AdWords, because Google also dominates the number of searches in general.

That’s obvious by this graph courtesy of Search Engine Land:


Hitwise: Google Again Hits New High; Microsoft & Yahoo Again New Lows

Yahoo and MSN aren’t completely clueless.  I have used the new Microsoft Adcenter Desktop tool, Microsoft’s version of Google's Adwords Editor. The tool is great and although a bit buggy, its way better than their web interface.  I have not seen anything from Yahoo in terms of an off line or desktop interface, but their online interface is better than MSN's at the very least.  I mean it’s nice that both have the "converting third-party campaigns" functionalities, if they actually worked it would be even better.



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