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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of April 10th, 2009

Posted on April 9, 2009 by Vanessa

We will be observing Good Friday tomorrow so this week’s Variety is a day early.

  • There has been so much talk about job losses, the unemployment rate, and company after company filing for bankruptcy that the job market has become a terrifying topic.  This article by the editors of HR World not only shines a ray of light on the topic but may just inspire those currently out of work to become entrepreneurs or seek opportunities in fields as abstract as tattooing. I listed my personal favorites to give you a taste of the article:
    • Journalist: Low pay and minimal creative freedom (at least in your early days) often deter great writers from pursuing careers in journalism, and many instead opt for law school or graduate programs. The life of an experienced journalist, however, is not so bad: Travel opportunities are just around the corner, whether you report on the weather, politics or style trends. Getting to see your name in print is not only rewarding, it's the optimum branding mechanism for when you want to develop your career and explore other avenues later in life. Journalists are also some of the most informed members of society, as their job requires them to be the first to know about economic changes, the law and even community scandals.  Do bloggers count?
    • Spy: A sexy spy might make a great Halloween costume, but unless you're seriously ready to dodge real (not plastic) bullets and are willing to sacrifice your identity for a mission no one will ever hear about, enlisting in the CIA to get your kicks isn't a good idea. Officers take a pledge of confidentiality that goes way beyond sharing trade secrets with competitors: Your entire identity is fake, and even if you manage to pull off a blockbuster-worthy performance on your next mission, you won't receive any recognition for it. In addition to jetting off to other parts of the world and keeping your life a secret from friends and family, spies can find themselves in extremely dangerous situations involving prison time, assassins or worse.  Another childhood dream smashed by reality…


  • Seasoned bloggers have been gracious enough to write about their successes and failures in regards to the growth of their blogs and this article is no different.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a great article, but it actually provides a great segue for my next point.   This post, like many others, references the importance of starting a discussion rather than just presenting information.  Rand writes “Interesting is great, but controversial content - that which demands a response and interaction - can often achieve even greater success.”


  • This article from the Silicon Alley Insider has sparked a great conversation and interaction from the community.  Joe Weisenthal questions “What has Eric really done for Google that wouldn't have happened with any moderately competent executive at the helm?  Or, put another way, is Eric really that good...or was he mostly in the right place at the right time?”  I love the comments that pieces like this receive!  I was going to pick a favorite but there were too many to share. 


  • I would like to say “Thanks” to Aaron Wall for encountering the “Blue Screen of Death” and recuperating from the incident with a boatload of information on the recovery process.


  • Sales goals aren’t easy to reach, especially in our current financial system, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good reason for not reaching your targets.  Geoffrey James lists reasons sales representatives give for not making their quotas, but what you will find is that the majority of so called “reasons” are actually excuses.

Happy Easter!

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