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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of February 27th, 2009

Posted on February 27, 2009 by Vanessa

Jeff Hirsch spoke at the OMMA Behavioral conference on Tuesday of this week in New York.  The audience took note when he proclaimed “Behavioral targeting will surpass search in online ad spend by 2020”.  This may sound implausible in a search driven industry, but check out the other proclamations that once sounded extreme and are now true:

“A day will come when we can get all of our newspapers by home computer.”

“All bills and transactions will be carried out electronically.”

These are just some of the statements you will find in the following videos.  The first, from 1969, is an overview of what life will be like with electronic consoles or computers as we like to call them today. The other is a news report from 1981 about getting news on your home computer, as the video states one person was currently already using the service!

Some favorite quotes:

“Fingertip shopping will be one of the homemaker’s conveniences.”

“What the wife selects on her console will be paid for by the husband at his counterpart console.”

“With this system we have the option of not only viewing the newspaper on the screen, but also, we can copy it, so anything we are interested in we can go back in again and copy it on to paper and save it, which I think is the future of the type of interrogation the individual will give to the newspapers.”

“Also at his disposal is an electronic correspondence machine, or home post office, which allows for instant written communication between individuals anywhere in the world.”

“It takes over two hours to receive the entire text of the newspaper over the phone, and with an hourly use charge of $5.00, the new tele-paper won’t be much competition for the $0.20 street addition.”

Flash forward to this week:

  • George Simpson is discussing the downfall of print media.  He points out that “67% of surveyed respondents feel traditional journalism is out of touch with what Americans want from their news”.
  • Facebook is being utilized by developer entrepreneurs to run their own businesses.  This is part of an economic shift that will require individuals to maintain an online presence.
  • TechCrunch was at Microsoft’s TechFest this week and posted a video of technologies to come:

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