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Apple Attempts to Restore Confidence in Jobs’ Return

Posted on February 25, 2009 by Vanessa

Apple announced that Steve Jobs remains profoundly involved with Apple, Inc.’s day to day functions, decision making, and strategic planning regardless of his recent leave of absence.  The announcement was made at the company’s annual meeting in Cupertino, California.  This declaration was likely meant to ease shareholders that have expressed concerns in Apple’s lack of disclosure or details related to Jobs’ health.

The continued speculation from shareholders regarding what has been shared by the company has sparked the SEC to look into the conduct of the company in regards to this issue.   Apple is defending Jobs’ privacy while shareholders see Jobs as the face of the company and losing him as CEO could cause an even greater decrease in the value of the stock.  Apple was apparently trying to keep the meeting casual and lighthearted as they took the time to sing Happy Birthday to Jobs who celebrated his 54th birthday this week, but was not present for the first time in ten years.   Jobs should not be underestimated though, he is credited with reviving Apple when he returned to the company twelve years ago, and has survived pancreatic cancer, but his reluctance to divulge information to shareholders is causing a stir regardless.



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