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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of January the 16th, 2009

Posted on January 16, 2009 by Vanessa

This week in eCommerce:

  • Matt McGee’s SEO Success Pyramid was published about a year ago.  The top of the pyramid and the primary goal is trust.  To follow up on this idea and review its relevancy today he asked his peers to contribute to his idea that trust matters.  Not only does this article include insights from some of our favorite people in the industry but I believe it provides valuable insight for online retailers that may be quick to forget that what others think does matter.
  • WOMMA provides us with great statistics this week, “Let's get down to the bare bones of it. If your boss is asking you why you should have a blog, reviews section, or other transparency component for your company, here's why:
    • "82% of the respondents preferred customer reviews over the hotel's description"
    • "70% of the respondents preferred customer reviews over those of "professional reviewers"
  • Steve Jobs is arguably the most influential CEO in recent history.  The impact he has on Apple Inc., their stakeholders, and Apple shares is like that of none other.  The closest comparison that I can think of is Bill Gates and Microsoft, but Gates planned his retirement and eased investors by making a slow and calculated exit.  Jobs’ announcement that he is taking an extended leave of absence came as quite a shock and Apple shares subsequently fell 10 percent.  The laws surrounding how much a company has to disclose about the health of their CEO’s are gray which has sparked rumors of investor lawsuits.
  • No one is recession proof, not even Google.  While some view their recent layoffs and consolidation of engineering centers as a bad sign, others, like Larry Dignan of ZDNet believe that these are good signs that Google is maturing.  He states “Now we get to see what Google is really made of. You don’t earn your corporate chops in a boom. Let’s face it. When the profits are flowing Google could burp and people would fawn over it. A stock price north of $700 makes everyone look like a genius and you can go on engineering benders.”
  • Seagate’s Bill Watkins goes from headliner at the Consumer Electronics Show to an immediate departure from the company.  This left some asking if it was his lack of political correctness that got him in trouble and not the companies declining numbers.


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