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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of December 5th, 2008

Posted on December 5, 2008 by Vanessa

If you are reading this then you made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday… Congratulations!

  • MySpace users may want to know what Michael Wolff, a friend of the author of the new Rupert Murdoch biography, is saying about them.  Michael was interviewed by BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine and in an effort to make his point about the value of MySpace he stated, “I think it is--if you’re on MySpace now, you’re a [expletive] cretin. And you’re not only a [expletive] cretin, but you’re poor. Nobody who has beyond an 8th grade level of education is on MySpace. It is for backwards people.”  To get a more complete understanding of Wolff's opinion here is the full article.
  • WebGuild posted a presentation by French consulting firm FaberNovel.  The presentation outlines Google's strategies from a high level perspective.  WebGuild realizes that the presentation has inaccuracies, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  • You know how some phones can recognize the song you are playing and make it available for download even if you don’t know the artist, title etc.  Amazon is experimenting with a similar function called “Amazon Remembers” and is rolling out the experimental tool with their new iPhone application.  According to the article, “The tool lets users take a photograph of any product they see in the real world. The photos are then uploaded to Amazon and turned over to the far-flung freelance workers in Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program, who will try to match them with products for sale on The results will not be instantaneous (between 5 minutes and 24 hours, the company says), but the idea is to entice consumers to buy products from Amazon instead of its offline rivals."
  • The Silicon Alley Insider posted a study by TubeMogul which shows that website visitors that view video don’t pay attention for long.
  • Motrin may want to poll consumers before putting an ad on Twitter ever again.  They recently turned off a large consumer audience with this ad.  Moms were the obvious target audience, but it backfired.  Statements like, “Wearing your baby seems to be in fashion," and “it totally makes me look like an official mom” caused blogging moms to complain to Twitter about the ad.  A surprised Motrin promptly took the ad down.  In Michael Leis blog he evaluates the strategy behind the ad and areas where Motrin can improve.  Leis makes a key point when he says, “Motrin’s messaging came at a time when many people were reconciling the real pain of the financial realities of this holiday season.”



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