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Google's Search Customization Details, Logged In or Not

Posted on December 4, 2008 by Zach

I keep tabs on many of our organic results rankings for certain keywords and the amount of traffic we receive from organic search. I know that customized results have been coming down the pipe in varying forms for a long time now, but was surprised to see them while logged out of my Google account.  The images below show that a search for "faucets" and then "moen", that a "Customized based on recent search activity. More details" is displayed.

Google then goes on to explain, "When possible, Google will customize your search results based on location and/or recent search activity. Additionally, when you're signed in to your Google Account, you may see even more relevant, useful results based on your web history. The following information was used to improve your search results for faucets: Recent Searches You or someone else recently searched for moen using this browser. Learn more"

Customized Search Result Set for the term Moen

I found this to be very interesting and proceeded to perform a variety of searches on varying topics to see what triggered the customization. After performing several searches I was able to duplicate it a few times.  I also figured out that by capitalizing my search terms, while the results sets were very similar, they did not receive the same customization as the searches that I left in a lower case. Needless to say I am extremely interested in how they are changing the result sets and how it will affect our organic ranked terms as well as the traffic we receive from that.  Has anyone else seen any interesting customization results from Google or seen noticeable changes in organic placement and traffic?

Google's Seach Customization Details

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