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Vanessa's Variety for the Week of November 14th, 2008

Posted on November 14, 2008 by Vanessa

I am out this week so intern Justin put together his favorite articles from the week, enjoy and see you in a few!

This week in eCommerce

  • Google has started two new ad options for its $1.65 billion purchase, Youtube. It's practically common knowledge that Youtube has videos of almost everything, however they are a little short on advertising. Now when users search on Youtube there will be "sponsored videos on the right side of the screen alongside unpaid results on the left." Youtube also announced that they have made deals with major studios, such as MGM and Lionsgate, to add full-length features to their site in order to add more professional content.
  • Wondering where to find the best bargains online? Well "30% of shoppers now say they look to links forwarded from friends, peer comments and social sites for the best bargains." It appears that even though emails from retailers are usually the easiest way for me to learn about discounts and deals online, "social actions" are growing rapidly.
  • New On-Demand Indexing tool in Custom Search allows you to tell Google "about the pages on your websites that are new, or that are important and have changed, and Custom Search will instantly schedule them for crawl, and index and serve them in your CSEs usually within 24 hours, often much faster."
  • Worried about how the economy may affect your eCommerce business? The eCommerce Times informs you what to do while the economy spirals downward.
  • Looking to buy video games over the holidays? eCommerce News warns you not to be fooled by the recent out-of-the-box commercials, the games are just as gory as ever. Here is one of the newer video game ads that has a "softer side."

- Intern Justin


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