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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of October 17th, 2008

Posted on October 17, 2008 by Vanessa

Today is a sad day, Ryan, our online marketing team leader, blogger, and friend is moving to Northern California to broaden his career in the world of eCommerce.  We are sad to see him go, especially those of us that have worked alongside him for so long, but we are also happy for him and wishing him the best of luck.  I asked him what he was going to miss most about working here at Gordian Project and am happy to report that this was his response “If I had to boil it down to just one thing that I will miss it would be working with my friends. Yes, my friends. It really is hard to leave a place where the people you work with are your friends, not just some geeky, weird folks you work with and share the same cramped 'Nerdery' with but would never ever want to see outside of the office. I have had the privilege of spending time with many of my coworkers in a classroom prior to us all joining PlumberSurplus. Sharing the experience of walking off the graduation stage and into the doors at Gordian Project together was priceless.

I will miss:

  • Watching the company grow and need to find more office space again
  • Seeing new faces come through the door, eager to join the team
  • All the snacks in the kitchen
  • Basketball and BBQ Fridays
  • My kitchen table (enjoy execs!)
  • Going with everyone to get BOGO ham sandwiches on Tuesdays
  • Themed office dress up days and Flying Saucer Pizzas (can you tell I like food?)
  • Nights out for TGIF

Thank you for the support and encouragement as I start a new chapter in life."

I am sure that Ryan will post on this blog in the near future, but for now please wish him well.

The week in eCommerce:

  • You may not be able to get the WebAward Judges to review your website, but you can take the criticisms given the current presidential candidates and see if you are making the same mistakes.  After the review the judges announced that Barack Obama’s website was the better of the two in their opinion.  You can judge for yourself but their commentary is actually interesting.
  • Google AdWords now has the ability to break out search traffic from Google as well as its partners, as opposed to the previous solution which only allowed search engine marketers to separate search from content.
  • Matt Cutts reports on another new feature from Google, and he is surprised it isn’t getting more attention.  I think he is surprised for a few reasons as this tool can assist in creating better 404 pages, and “converts already-existing links to your site into much higher quality links, for free.”  For the Google post on this tool click here
  • YoungEntrepreneur details the results of their Entrepreneur Poll “The Best Way For a Startup To Earn Revenue”.
  • I love it when blogs publish tips and tricks for popular products, and this is no exception, check out “The Ultimate Google Analytics Plugins, Hacks & Tricks Collection”.
  • A lot of blogs reported on Google’s quarter three earnings, but I like the fact that Bruce Clay took the results and analyzed what they could mean for the search industry as a whole.


Ryan and Vanessa as Ryan leaves the Gordian Project
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