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When It’s a Buyer’s Market, That Can Mean It’s a Headhunter’s Market As Well

Posted on October 15, 2008 by Ellen

It’s all about the silver lining…

If you’ve looked at the prices of homes lately, there are some great deals out there; a huge supply and little demand.  The same can be true in the employment market. When other companies are cutting jobs, many qualified people are out there hunting for employment.  Not to make light of a very sensitive subject, but the current employment rate’s 16 year low, can actually be a great opportunity for the growing small business. A huge supply and little demand of workers is a great chance to snag up a quality employee.  Not only will you get your pick, but you will be less likely to get caught in a bidding war, which most small businesses can’t afford to win.  You will have a better opportunity in this market to hire qualified employees, then when the competition for such employees is fiercer.

Shop on.



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