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Intern Week - eCommerce 101 in Eight Short Weeks

Posted on October 2, 2008 by Interns

Welcome to the third addition of intern posts for intern week.  This post was written by Rochelle who's focus was in the marketing department during her time spent here.  She impressed us greatly when she showed up for work after having a tire blowoutI hope you enjoy her take on what she learned while she was here.

- Vanessa

These past 8 weeks have flown right by me. Oh, the knowledge I have gained while at the Gordian Project.  I have learned so much in my “crash course”, and my time spent at has been very rewarding and profitable for me.  I am grateful for the time that my supervisors spent in teaching me about eCommerce.  There were times that I got confused, however, I learned a great deal.

My first project was writing a buying guide for the Learning Center.  I enjoyed the project very much because it enabled me to gain product knowledge. The information that interested me most was learning about Google AdWords.  I listened to automated lectures from Google that talked about AdWords, and was able to take quizzes to test how much I had learned from those lectures. I was also able to create keywords for organic search results for  Another project that I was given was writing advertising text for AdWords. This task was challenging because it introduced the important aspect of ad copy writing for an internet retailer.  

I think one of my favorite projects was doing competitor and product research on comparison shopping engines.  I researched products on several different shopping engines such as Shopzilla, Google Product Search, MSN shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber, Yahoo Shopping, and more.  I learned how these search engines are used as marketing tools to create brand awareness, and how these comparison engines compare different company's products and prices.  These engines are also helpful to consumers who are trying to make better purchasing choices.  

Affiliate networking was really great to learn about.  An affiliate network consists of merchants and publishers that get connected and find a relationship that is beneficial and complimentary. The Gordian Project websites currently use multiple affiliate networks to manage affiliates. I worked on recruiting new affiliates and reviewing the many publisher applications that came in daily.

The merchandising research project gave me the chance to analyze site search results sets so that merchandisers could improve upon the result sets that needed improving.  When searching for products on most of the searches were good, however, some searches would have random, irrelevant products show up in the results.  Janelle (another intern) and I went through all the product categories on the website and gave synonyms and keyword recommendations to the merchandisers for the products on the site.

I thoroughly enjoyed the video project the interns got to work on.  I learned how valuable videos can be for internet retailers.  This was actually one of my favorite projects and it was great to actually see the videos live on the Learning Center.

These projects are merely a glimpse into what I have personally learned during 8 weeks as an intern here.  I have appreciated everyone's kindness at  The employees are truly wonderful people that wish to see the interns through this short but valuable experience.  The Gordian Project program has been a pleasure to be a part of.  

- Intern Rochelle


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