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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of September 26, 2008

Posted on September 26, 2008 by Vanessa

Google celebrated their 10th Anniversary this week, and announced “Project 10^100”.  Ryan was actually at Google during their anniversary celebration and told us about special anniversary sprinkle cupcakes, balloons, a 10k run, and nerf gun wars!  I am sure there is more but I’ll let him tell you about it.  I think it is really cool to see the 10 ton gorilla giving back, quite the opposite of some of the other stories that I want to touch on this week.

  • One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Bird, Esq. of SEOmoz, published a blog this week and I am so glad that she did.  She brings great legal perspective to her posts that are therefore educational if nothing else, but this one really makes me want to campaign against the 10 ton gorilla.  The gorilla in this case is U-Haul.  The gist of the story is that U-Haul is suing for copyright infringement, but they are not only suing the company they are suing the founder and his wife personally.  I am sure that there is more to the lawsuit than what I am actually able to provide insight on, for multiple reasons of which I believe are too obvious to name, but I want to bring this up for revolutionary purposes.  I am sick of the Fatcats bullying the little guy.  The biggest players in Wall Street have run their companies into the toilet, and still think they deserve to walk away with millions of dollars in pension.  U-Haul has watched HireAHelper succeed, beat their website called emove (which I am referencing for purely journalistic value and refuse to provide any kind of linkjuice to the site) in organic rankings for highly targeted keywords, and then slapped him with a lawsuit.  From what Sarah knows about the suit she thinks he could win, if not for the fact that U-Haul has far more resources to come at HireAHelper with.  I think all of us self-starters, entrepreneurs, “little guys”, and forward thinkers should find a way to help Mike out, if not for principle alone, then for precedence as well.  Otherwise these suits are going to continue to happen, the industry Goliath’s are going to continue to monopolize the competition until we as consumers are left with inept products and services.  I for one am open to ideas on how the eCommerce community can contribute to Mike’s cause, and willing to help implement them, as I hope that my peers would do the same if I were in HireAHelper’s position.
  • The economy isn’t all doom and gloom.  Take digg for example, they just received $28.7 million in funds, and one of the areas they plan on expanding on is employees.
  • Who needs the police or a judiciary system if you are Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy?  Retailers such as the ones I have listed claim that their goods are stolen and then sold online and because of this they want to have the ability to send take-down notices without first reporting incidents to law enforcement.  They are acting like internet retailers are modern day pirates, come to think of it, I did see an Overstock employee wearing a patch and carrying a sword the last time I saw them, that must be the key to their online success.
  • A child advocacy group has campaigned against Google Street View on the basis that it’s use can be exploited by child predators was called out for their exaggerations this week by Larry Magid.
  • I have seen a lot of error messages in my day, but I have to agree with this blogger when they say that one of Gmail’s is the best. 

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