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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of August 29th, 2008

Posted on August 29, 2008 by Vanessa

This week we celebrated our 4 year anniversary of the launch of  This is really exciting for us.  We are having a big party and Olympics challenges this weekend, but we also like to bring fun into the office as well.  Today is our official sports day.  Sports day is a day when you can wear whatever you want as long as it is sports related. 

You may have read Ellen’s post from earlier this week where she discussed happiness in the workplace and I think days like today breed that kind of happiness in the office.  It gives us the opportunity to dress comfy, express our love for our sport or athlete or team, and its fun to see what our peers come up with.  From a personal standpoint I am highly affected by my mood, it directly relates to my productivity.  When I am happy or excited I get a ton of work done, on the flip side if I am the opposite of content I really struggle to get through the day.  I think I am a pretty happy person in general so let me just express to my bosses that I am getting work done over here.  Needless to say, I figured I would take the opportunity to share with our readers some of the pictures of sports day.  Feel free to comment on what your company does to create a happy work environment, I would be curious to know what others are doing.


Tim and Ryan USC v. UCLA
Tim and Ryan in USC and UCLA respectively.  It's always fun to see who is going to try and outdo Tim when it comes to any kind of dress up opportunity as he is most always decked out from head to toe.  I think Ryan gave him a run for his money this time with the face paint.


Stephanie swims to Gold
Stephanie was obviously inspired by our Olympic swimmers.


Gordian Project Sports Day Participants


This is the Gordian Project Partipants for sports day.  Back row from left: Emily for USC, Ashley for the Lakers, Brooke cheerleading, Steven for the Lakers, Jeff our Texas fan, Matt our Canadian bowler, Ronnie for USC, Ellen our track gold medalist, Josh the Titan, Greg our basketball player, and Vanessa sporting old school Lakers.  Middle row from left: Priscilla for the Dodgers, Jordon our Patriot football player, and Stephanie our swimming gold medalist. Front row from left: Kelli our Laker fan with an updated Kobe jersey, Josh another Laker fan and still trying to get season tickets, Ryan our UCLA fan (which is a brave move around this USC filled office), Tim in full blown USC (unfortunately the image doesn't show his USC flip flops), and Zach our basketball player and referee between the two rivals.


The Laker Fans
The Laker fans Ashley, Josh, Kelli, Vanessa and Steven all unite.
The Gordian Guys Pose


Zach, Josh, Steven, Jordon, Matt and Ryan all pose for the camera.
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