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The iPhone 3G Saved My Life

Posted on August 6, 2008 by josh

So, usually I'm the guy who is doing his best to champion the cheaper technology solution. Even though the iPhone 3G is not the cheapest cell phone solution, I was so excited that this device was worth every penny and I had to share...

So, I’ve been using my new iPhone 3G for nearly 3 weeks now…I am a believer.  

I remember when I got my first, first-generation TiVo.  I tried to explain to friends, family, and colleagues why it was so amazing and invaluable. I got the standard response; mostly, “I don’t watch that much TV.” This is a terrible reason not to get a TiVo. You watch TV so much more efficiently and the experience of watching TV goes through a paradigm shift that makes one never desire to watch TV in any other way. This is how I feel about the new iPhone 3G. Not since TiVo has a piece of technology so enriched my life and fundamentally changed the way I do stuff.

So, it’s a phone…so what?!  

True. It is a phone. However, it also breaks whatever has tethered you to your phone, phonebook, map, photo album, radio, TV, clock, flashlight, newspaper, calendar, game console, …the list goes on.

What’s more, it isn’t just that the iPhone 3G does all of this, it’s that it does it in a way that changes the way you feel about what you’ve previously experienced with each of the features and tools.  It’s not only that I have everything in one place; it’s that the experience for each of the features is usually fluid, intuitive, and frankly somewhat sexy. Also, my experience of browsing over 3G has been very positive. One of the managing partners here at Gordian Project has a first-gen iPhone and told me before I got one that browsing certain sites on the web (such as flash based sites) isn't always practical on the iPhone. I have found this to be the case when on the Edge network, which boasts an experience like dial-up. However, 3G has been more like a low-end DSL connection. I have been very impressed.

How did you justify the cost?

True, the iPhone 3G costs a bit more money than the standard phone. Similarly, TiVo costs a bit more than someone just watching regular TV. But, the additional cost of the iPhone, like TiVo, is eclipsed by its tremendous value. Here are 10 reasons that the iPhone has so much value for me:  

  1. I didn’t have to buy an iPod. 
  2. I didn’t have to buy a TomTom
  3. I will save money by having notifications right at my fingertips.
  4. I didn’t have to buy a Light Saber.
  5. I don’t have to rush home or to the office if there is an online emergency; I can work remotely if needed.
  6. I can clear unread posts in Google Reader during my commute (I usually don’t drive in my carpool).
  7. I never waste time waiting in lines.
  8. Gen Y’ers won’t make fun of me anymore for my antiquated brick.
  9. Every time someone mentions something that sounds interesting, I don’t have to try to remember it or write it down…I can just look for that something.  
  10. I quit smoking (cold turkey) the moment I got an iPhone 3G.


iPhone Application Quitter


The idea to quit smoking came to me when I was trying to convince my wife that I absolutely had to have the new iPhone. The fact that the iPhone may actually save my life is what sold her.

I probably wouldn’t do all that stuff with it… 
OK. So maybe you aren’t a “power user”. However, like TiVo, I can’t think of a single profile or demographic that wouldn’t be able to use the iPhone to improve their lives. Everywhere you go, you’re fully connected. If someone could figure out Flash on iPhone’s Safari and if AT&T would allow users to make the iPhone an access point, this device would be near perfect. Of all the technology I have consumed, the iPhone 3G is easily my favorite device so far.



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