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UPS Freight: Upping the Ante

Posted on July 8, 2008 by Jeff

Freight companies are in a more heated competition with one another as customers begin to rely on them for timely, traceable deliveries.  UPS Freight is tackling the competition head on. In 2008 they have launched several new tools for freight customers. From integrating LTL shipments in WorldShip to their on-time guarantee, UPS freight is upping the ante for other freight companies.

LTL Shipments in Worldship

One of their new tools is the option to create LTL shipments in WorldShip, and even schedule a pick up.  The main benefit of this tool is time and convenience. Having to go to the UPS website, and enter all the shipping information is a time consuming task. When utilizing WorldShip, you can simply use the Keyed Import to dynamically import all the shipping information.

UPS On-Time Guarantee for LTL Freight Shipments

Another new feature is their on-time guarantee for LTL freight shipments. UPS Freight now gives an on-time guarantee in the 48 contiguous states, that assures your freight shipment will be delivered on time, or you can request the freight charges to be waived.  Jack Holmes, president of UPS freight, says, “It’s the next logical step in making UPS Freight the best in the business”

UPS Cross Border Freight Shipments and UPS Returns

The third feature that UPS Freight is offering is for cross-border freight shipments. They are now offering a comprehensive shipping solution to Canada and Mexico! With that, they have made a dramatic improvement in international returns. UPS Returns is accessible on the internet or through WorldShip, and includes fees for the return transportation, a return shipping label and any applicable duties and/or taxes.

While there are pros and cons with any freight company, it is obvious that UPS Freight is going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. With LTL shipments ranging from a couple hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, the company that offers the most protection of your goods is the best to go with. Easy returns, both domestic and international, WorldShip integration, and an on-time guarantee…that’s pretty customer friendly!



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