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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of June 27th, 2008

Posted on June 27, 2008 by Vanessa

I’m back!  Thanks Ryan so much for keeping our readers updated in the world of eCommerce, and reminding me and everyone else that I lost the Lakers bet.  I hope you all missed me as much as I missed you.

Let’s talk some eCommerce (said in the voice of Joel McHale from the Soup on E!): 

  • J.C. Penney is blaming their ad agency for an ad that surfaced on YouTube featuring the sellers logo and slogan. The problem is that the ad called “Speed Dressing” promotes teen sex.  The retailer is still investigating the issue. Pennies may have a better chance of combating this problem in the future if the powers that be take a lesson from this week’s Whiteboard Friday on SEOmoz.  In this episode Will Critchlow demonstrates how those in powerful positions can manage their brand reputations on the down low. 
  • Yesterday we talked a little bit about the DSW suit against  Apparently the tactic is catching on as Hearts on Fire sues Blue Nile for a similar issue.  Seriously marketers, is this what we are resorting to for linkbait?  If we don’t nip this trend now people will start referring to us as ambulance chasing attorneys! 
  • What is your MySpace or Facebook “FriendRank”?  Companies like SocialMedia Networks and 33Across are revamping advertising via social networks.  In the words of the founder of SocialMedia Networks “We're trying to make ads suck less in social networks”. 
  • Want to save 90% on Microsoft Office 2007?  Well, a religious goods internet retailer in Korea has come up with the Microsoft Church Package and according to the ad it is a 90% savings. 
  • Does it make anyone else sad that the human population seems to love seeing the mighty fall?  Well it brings me down, but I guess I am in the minority since blogs are already discussing the demise of companies like Apple and Google. 
  • In case you aren’t getting your fix of eCommerce and Entrepreneurship here, I thought I would share the Entrepreneur blogs that have been chosen as the 15 worth reading.  Plus we wanted to give kudos to our friends over at Get Elastic for making the list.



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