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PayPal Error on's Home Page: Page Not Found

Posted on June 16, 2008 by Tim

On the heels of Google Docs giving me a 404 Error that doesn't follow Google's own guidelines and Amazon going down to the tune of a $2.3 million, the largest alternative payment method provider couldn't just sit on the sidelines.  PayPal, not to be outdone by Google and Amazon, has now joined the ranks of mega sites dealing with recent errors and outages.

This last Wednesday, I went to PayPal's homepage,, by typing the URL directly into my browser.  The page only partially loaded, showing lots of empty whitespace, noticeably absent formatting, and little navigation.  A big, almost empty, rectangle included two links in the lower left.  The first link read "Click here to retry".  The second link ironically read "Return to the homepage".  The title of the page read "Page Not Found - PayPal".  Several refreshes didn't clear up the issue.  Neither did clearing my cookies, cache and temporary files, restarting my browser, and retyping the URL.  Several minutes later, loaded fine.

Here is a screen shot of PayPal's home page give me the Page Not Found error.


Man, what's in the internet water and who will drink it next?

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