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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of May 30th, 2008

Posted on May 30, 2008 by Vanessa

Do you remember the bet I had with fellow blogger Matt?  I mentioned it right when the playoffs were starting and the gist of it is, he owes me sushi if I win and I owe him if I lose.  Well I am happy to say that the Lakers clenched the Western Conference Championship last night and will be on there way to the finals, where they will face either Boston or Detroit.  Needless to say Matt is starting to feel like I just might win!  That was my favorite event of the week but there were some interesting happenings in the world of eCommerce as well, so here’s my update.

  • For those of you haven’t heard, there is a guy in our tight little industry who is trying to trademark the term SEO.  This guy is a real gem.  He claims that his reasons are for the betterment of the field, but his reasoning is filled with fallacy.  SEO’ers are in an uproar over this guy as you can see from the number of comments Sarah Bird, Esquire and Mozzer, have received on her recent post: “Gambert Strikes Back!! The Confidential Official Response to SEOmoz's Opposition Proceeding”.  Linkbait scheme or not, the name Jason Gambert is leaving a foul taste in the mouths of eCommercers. 
  • A friend of Matt's contacted him, knowing he's in the ecommerce and seo world, and asked about what he would do to rank higher in search results for searches related to TV’s.  His friend just started his own website selling them.  We were not surprised to find out that the market is quite saturated for these products.  So the joke was that Matt told his friend “Sure no problem our Search Manager Zach will have you at the top of Google SERPs in no time.”  Anyhow right after this I came across an article written by Jessica Bowman at Search Engine Land called Why You Need To Know SEO Basics, Even If You Outsource.  I thought it would be useful to those who have been in eCommerce for a while as well as newcomers like Matt’s friend. 
  • I thought this blog was great and packed with information for entrepreneurs.  It is a collection of articles about entrepreneurship.  The articles range from saving money to the business mindset. 
  • eCommerce retail sites have less to fear when it comes to economic slowdown, according to eMarketer’s report: Slower But Still Steady Growth! 
  • I am skeptical about the “Green” initiative and I think a lot of it is hype to make more “green”.  So when I saw the cover of the latest WIRED Magazine, I felt a sense of relief, because someone else said it and not me.  The cover says “Attention Environmentalists: Keep your SUV. Forget organics. Go nuclear. Screw the spotted owl.”  Really though, in all seriousness, this article takes a different approach, and I for one appreciated it.

Wired Magazine Issue 16.06

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