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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of May 23rd, 2008

Posted on May 23, 2008 by Vanessa

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!  This weekend is normally blazing hot in sunny Southern California, but as you may have heard we were hit with hail, rain, and, no joke, tornadoes yesterday.  What’s great is the weather isn’t the only exciting thing going on.  Check out this week’s electrifying eCommerce events:

  • This week Linda Bustos graced marketers with an entire series on PPC advertising.  I don’t normally put multiple links to one blog in the Variety but I think these posts are really valuable to both new and distinguished SEM marketers, so I will just list them:
  • For those of you who read Seth Godin’s blog, you already know that he can be quite insightful.  I found a post that he wrote this week to be quite interesting because I think it really pertains to the eCommerce retailer.  We know from experience that conferences can be beneficial; we have experience in being the presenters and the attendees.  Yet, as we grow we have realized that the time and resources given to these conferences can be far greater an expense than the value reciprocated.  Seth offers some ways in which conference organizers can improve on this issue. 
  • If you read our blog, you know we love all that is Google, but even we can admit that Google has seen it’s fair share of, do I dare say, failures.  Tom Spring of PC World composed an article of the “Top 10 Google Flubs, Flops, and Failures”. 
  • Growth can be scary, especially when you are growing too fast.  Frank Adante has quantified the cost of growth for his company, the equation: Optimized for Speed = 30% Waste
  • According to Jackie Baker “Professional Looking Design Drives Conversions”.  She offers insights on color scheme, textual formatting and most of all explains that if you are going to want lasting results you are going to have to be in it for the long haul.  I happen to agree.  You may have seen the Internet Retailer article on our product detail page redesign, which explains how some simple improvements in design and functionality increased conversion, but I can tell you it didn’t happen overnight. 
  • Microsoft launched their Live Search Cashback this week, and TechCrunch took the liberty of analyzing the move for us.


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