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eBay Improves Seller Dashboard to Reporting Needed for Best Match

Posted on May 22, 2008 by Vanessa

A few months ago eBay implemented Best Match search as their default search.  What this means is that visibility of your listings may be reduced, based on your feedback ratings.  There was a lot of buzz about the situation because sellers that had just under perfect feedback ratings were being pushed down in search results.  In a matter of days sellers started seeing sales drop, and drop quickly.  One blogger posted that sales decreased by 40% after best match was implemented.  Our eBay store was also affected by this and saw performance changes.  

The frustrating part was that eBay wasn’t providing sellers with the information they needed to improve their ratings and status in search results.  As a seller with 99.2% positive feedback I didn’t think that we would be in danger of losing search rankings because of best match.  The thing is that eBay only uses the last 90 days of a stores feedback ratings when using best match, so although overall ratings were above the 99% that they needed to be at, the couple negative and neutral (neutral also counts as negative) ratings over the last 90 days were not offset by positive ratings and therefore we weren’t included when eBay used best match.  The only way that I was able to figure this out was to contact our eBay account manager!  There was nothing in our seller dashboard that gave this information.  Sellers could get this information by going to, so obviously the information was available somewhere; eBay just wasn’t giving users the ability to see it without scouring the web.  As a seller how could we determine if or what we wanted to list on eBay without the proper tools, at least if we know we are going to be pushed down in the result set we can choose to not list items that we know won’t perform well.  If we aren’t going to show up in result sets then what would be the point.  Our account manager is helpful, but it is nice to see that eBay is finally putting this information in front of the users in a simple manner via the Seller Dashboard.


My eBay Seller Dashboard

eBay has been gradually adding to the seller dashboard over the last few months but today was the first time that I saw a comprehensive set of the information needed to improve the search standing and buyer satisfaction of our eBay store.  I guess better late than never.



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