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Cisco 7960 and Trixbox Problems in our VOIP Implementation

Posted on May 8, 2008 by josh

If you didn't already read Challenges of an Internet Retailer’s VOIP Implementation, then you may want to take a quick glance at that post to catch up on our previous issues.

Our decision to use the Grandstream GXP-2000 phones for our VOIP users had been haunting us for some time when a friend of mine recently “donated” a spare Cisco 7960 and a few Polycom IP phones to use. I was naturally excited to plug in phones that I knew were renowned for quality and performance. Both phones were well documented in the TrixBox community and I fully expected to be up and running in minutes. So I gave the Polycom’s a whirl: plugged them in, checked the IP address, logged in to each phone through a web interface and updated all of the settings that I expected to make them work with our TrixBox (version 2.5) implementation. Easy. They worked well. Done.

Then, excited like a kid at Christmas, I jumped over to the Cisco 7960, plugged it in, checked the IP address, opened a browser… “cannot display the webpage”. Oh. OK. So Cisco doesn’t have a user friendly web interface for the 7960. No problem. So I dove into settings on the phone. Cisco makes a great product and from the granularity and variety of options, it’s clear that this phone can be customized to work well with our system. So I manually plugged away on settings using the phone’s dial pad and rebooted the phone. Now, the phone won’t register with the TrixBox host. Hmmm. Everything seems correct. Maybe I missed a period somewhere… nope. So I tried changing a few settings and rebooting… nope. So I tried changing settings a half dozen or so more times…nope. OK, going to the TrixBox forums. A search for 7960 yields 469 results. OK, no problem. So I dig away, reading through numerous setup walkthroughs.

Finally, I come across a forum where a user posts a setup question relating to the same issue that I am having. He posted on 12/22/2006. The first reply to his post is a “bumped” response that was posted on 3/24/2008 with a very simple solution.

Seriously? It took 15 months to find the solution? Wow.

So, I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through the trouble of digging, here’s what got my Cisco 7960 to work with my implementation of TrixBox:


  1. From the TrixBox command line, type “setup-cisco” 
  2. Open http://trixboxhostname/maint 
  3. In the Asterisk menu, select Endpoint Manager 
  4. Click Cisco phones then click Add Phone 
  5. Select the appropriate extension, phone type, and enter the phone’s MAC address 
  6. In the Asterisk menu, select Config Edit 
  7. Click /tftpboot then click SIPDefault.cnf 
  8. In the edit window, find:
    • # NAT/Firewall Traversal
      nat_enable: "0"
    • and change the “0” to “1” (This is the step I was missing)
  9. Manually configure your 7960 to point to your TrixBox host’s IP for tftpboot
  10. Reboot your 7960


Tada!  It should work.



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