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Funding a Cooperative Promotion

Posted on April 9, 2008 by Jeff

There’s a saying that pops up around the office from time to time, “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”.  It’s taken from the book written by Chester L. Karrass, which none of us have read.  We originally came across the phrase when fellow blogger, Ellen, told us about how her Grandma taught it to her while she was growing up, and went as far as putting the poster in Ellen’s room.  The teachings paid off, as Ellen now enjoys going to car dealerships and negotiating a car sale, and not buying, just for the fun of it!  I’m not sure we always apply the saying correctly but in the case of our partnership with DeWALT we got more than we negotiated for.

You can read Vanessa’s original post here which highlights the reasoning behind our Google Checkout Sweepstakes and how we accomplished the promotion by partnering with DeWALT.

When I originally approached DeWALT to provide advertising in exchange for product, I simply communicated our planned banner placement. In return for a DeWALT product would place the following banner on the checkout page during the last quarter of 2007. Not only did DeWALT agree to support the promotion they graciously provided two DeWalt DC011 Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio/Chargers. Cart Checkout Page

With two DeWALT DC011 worksite radio chargers in hand we ran the Google Checkout Sweepstakes through the first quarter of 2008. In an effort to show our appreciation for DeWALT's generous participation, and to serve the goals of the promotion, we extended the banner placement to a rotating banner on the homepage and several other high traffic areas. Home Page

Believing that communication is important in any co-operative partnership, I emailed DeWALT some data regarding our sales growth.  This growth has sparked the cooperative promotion to continue.  DeWALT has graciously offered us another sweepstakes product in an effort to keep the promotion going. 

Congratulations to our first quarter 2008 winner and good luck to each of you in the next round of our Google Checkout Sweepstakes. DeWALT is happy to announce its continued participation!


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