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2008 April Fools Jokes on the Web

Posted on April 2, 2008 by Vanessa

Yesterday was April Fools Day and websites across the globe participated in the event by creating hilarious hoax after hilarious hoax.  While there are more than I can mention in this post I have chosen my favorites to share.  If you are interested in getting the full scoop, check out; they have submissions from the last five years of April Fools jokes on the web.  While I am only providing the briefest synopsis, I encourage you to check out some of these links for yourself as the comments left by those who have been fooled are almost as priceless as the jokes themselves!

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and send that email that you forgot about?  Maybe Mom’s birthday?  Well Gmail offered that option on April Fools.


New Gmail Custom Time


Google didn’t limit their tall tales to just Earth.  They provided would be gullible users with a way to travel to Mars via a partnership with Virgin Media.  The partnership was appropriately named Vir-gle.


Virgle The Adventure of Many Lifetimes



In keeping with my favorite Google jokes, I wanted to share one more by the mega company.  Google Australia will allow users to search the web for content that has not yet been created!


gDay with MATE



It is an election year, and April Fools wouldn’t be the same without an Election Deathmatch.  ESPN  provided us with the Clinton v. Obama winner take all tournament where they could compete against one another in events such as “The Dick Cheney skeet shooting contest”.


ESPN's Election Deathmatch Coverage



An online dating blog broke the story that the founder of eHarmony found love on


eHarmony founder finds love on



ThinkGeek had so many April Fools products listed that I couldn’t just choose one.  I mean, could you choose between: The World's First USB Pregnancy Test Kit, The YouTube Tazeer, and Capp’n Buzz Spazztoids?


ThinkGeek April Fools Products


InfoWorld released story after unbelievable story: Microsoft, Yahoo agree on buyout price, Hewlett-Packard unveils new green server partnership, Steve Jobs "miracle" in the valley…and my personal favorite... 


Google Buys US Government



Marketers have to worry no more.  TrustBanners has found the proven way to increase the desire to purchase by 87.9% in consumers by stimulating the visual cortex.  Results for a banner about apples states: “92% of test subjects viewing this banner reported an unprompted compulsion to purchase apples”.



Trust Banners



My final pick for this post is for my fellow blogger, Ryan, a known car racing aficionado around the office. has come up with a way to provide would be racers with real time tracking of police officers.


Njection Hits Final Hurdle to Provide Real Time Tracking of Police Officers


April Fools existed before the Internet and has a list of “The Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time”, it’s a fun read.  Until next year…


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