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eCommerce Food Programs: Sometimes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Can Get Messy

Posted on April 1, 2008 by Ellen

Got Milk?  Sometimes we do.  A popular benefit of dot coms is providing ample amounts of food to feed the entrepreneurial soul.  Food can be a great benefit for employees.  It can be a huge money and time saver and moral booster.  But managing a comprehensive food program can get messy.   

Here are five rules to help:

  1. Identify your non-negotiables:  No we are not going to buy Monster Energy Drinks, sorry.  Communicate to your employees that there are certain items that are not available through the food program.  This way, employees will not expect to see such an item in the selection; the less disappointment the better.
  2. Make a list:  Identify certain items that you will always purchase and invite employees to participate in the process.  Post the shopping list in a conspicuous place so that when an item is running low, or is out, it can be communicated efficiently to the office food buyer.
  3. Order Regularly:  We order food at least once a week, and sometimes twice.  This keeps a constant flow of food through the kitchen.  It is also a huge moral booster.  When the employees see a cart full of goodies roll through the office, they get excited.
  4. Put in a few surprises:  Every once in a while, buy a few items that aren’t on the list that are maybe on the more expensive side.
  5. Diversify:  You can only eat frozen bean-less burritos for so long.  Analyze the list after some time to make sure that the consistent items are sitting in the freezer for too long because the employees are simply just getting tired of them.  Try a new brand, different flavors and different food items to keep the food program exciting to the employee.

Keeping quantities up, while keeping costs low and still satisfying the taste buds of multiple employees can be a challenge.  Keeping those five simple rules in mind can reduce the stress and management of a worthwhile and cost efficient benefit that makes your workplace exceptional.



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