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Power Reviews Gives the Power to the Customer, and Helps the Retailer

Posted on February 14, 2008 by Archives

Power to the People: Customer Reviews on Your Website

Let’s face it: no one wants to go it alone any more. James Dean died young, and with him the rebel that wanted to do things his way. Now it’s all about what others think.

Now it’s your turn, and thanks to, you too can be the owner of a faucet, tankless water heater, or sump pump that other users with experience think are cool. That’s right – it’s your turn to join the cool crowd now. And it’s all because we recently rolled out PowerReviews, a third party application for customer reviews. Let the sharing begin!

User reviews are all the rage these days. Ushered in with the web 2.0/social networking phase of the last few years was the concept that you care what someone else thinks about something you’re interested in. And there are very good reasons for this.

Why Reviews?

Customers like reviews because it helps them make a more informed purchase. Someone may not like the product, and because of the background and reasons they share, you can confidently assume you won’t like it either. Or they may not like it for a different reason, one that doesn’t bother you. Of course, the glowing reviews only make your decision that much more informed.

Retailers like it because it stops the sale, and subsequent return, refund, and poor customer experience involved in purchasing a product that is sub-par. And customers who purchase products with good reviews are more likely to be happy with their purchase, thereby decreasing complaints and returns.

Why Power Reviews?

So deciding to implement customer reviews was a no-brainer. And the decision to go with PowerReviews was almost as easy. PowerReviews offers:

  • Fast, easy implementation
  • Great technical support
  • They took us to dinner at Arcadia Modern American Steakhouse (I had the filet mignon)
  • Our Products are automatically on Buzzillions, a PowerReviews shopping engine


We looked around a bit, but quite honestly not too much. PowerReviews has a great reputation, and a well-deserved one in my opinion, making our decision that much easier.

When I say fast and easy implementation that is exactly what I mean. I’ve successfully implemented other so called “easy” integrations. You know, the kind that offer convoluted, ill-informed documentation and obscure, decidedly not “best practice” techniques. PowerReviews provided a very helpful timeline, complete with what tasks happen when, and by whom (developer, marketing department, network admin, etc.) and an implementation guide that was actually useful! The actual development needs on our end were relatively simple and very straightforward. Not to mention Blake was there in an email with an instant response any time I had a quick question. Seriously – the technical implementation of PowerReviews was a breeze. Trust me developers.

Another cool thing about PowerReviews is Buzzillions, their comparison shopping engine that acts like an affiliate -they only get paid on conversions. Affiliate sales are great for us. Their ROI is significantly better than that of our ad spend, such as some of our SEM campaigns. And since we are on all the major shopping engines already, the addition of Buzzillions was great for us. Another great part about Buzzillions is that there is no additional development involved for it. It is all based on our reviews data. And that is good, since developers don’t really like building data feeds for every shopping engine under the sun.

Oh yeah, and the best part: the price is right! There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but a simple integration, your products on an up and coming shopping engine, a steak dinner and Johnny Walker Blue (if you are lucky) can be yours for the grand sum of zero dollars. Yep, you read right. They offer all this for free! They are in the data aggregation business, and are happy to offer all this in exchange for honest customer reviews and access to over a million products to list on Buzzillions.

Truly a win-win. I can’t recommend PowerReviews highly enough. You can be up and running with a great customer review product in a week (or less). Your customers will thank you, your customer service team will adore you, and your returns team will bring you donuts.

Special thanks to Blake, Tara, Cathie, and Jay from the PowerReviews team!


Jay and Cathie of Power Reviews at the Power Reviews Booth eTail 2008

One of the Surplusers had a chance to speak at eTail 2008 this week.  While there, he stopped by the Buzzillions booth and the Power Reviews booth.  Pictured above, Jay and Cathie struck a pose.



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