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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of February 15th 2008

Posted on February 15, 2008 by Vanessa

I know that most of you have been at eTail all week and may be behind in the blogosphere so I am here to catch you up.

  • eTail 2008 seems to have been a great success, I myself participated in the search day and the merchandising day, but other Surplusers spoke, participated in the CEO summit, and went to a few great dinners!  On Wednesday, DJ Van Hameren, General Manager of Global NIKEiD, addressed several topics including online and offline channel integration where he used the NIKEiD.STUDIO as an example.  He shared a remarkable metric with the audience regarding the studios, commenting that it’s a good metric and the only one Nike is comfortable sharing.  DJ stated that if customers come into the studio and sit down that the conversion rate is greater than 90%.  I guess when they say “Just Do It” they mean it, don’t we all wish we had conversion rates like that!

    DJ Van HAmeren, General Manager of Global NIKEiD, speaks at eTail 2008

  • m0serious made a rap song to explain SEM called “Paid Search 101”, one of my favorite lines from the song is “SEO and SEM they are co-existin”.  You can check it out on YouTube here.
  • Redesigning your current website, or working on a new one?  Seth Godin recently posted a link to colors that work for the web.
  • Need an update on the Yahoo, Microsoft debacle?  Check out what Microsoft is saying.
  • I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, and in fact I probably avoid it, so I thought I would let Bruce Clay’s, Lisa Barone, discuss it for me.


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