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Should 2008 Election Opinions be Kept Hush Around the Office?

Posted on February 5, 2008 by Ellen

Excuse Me, Who did you vote for?

Should 2008 Election Opinions be Kept Hush Around the Office?

You may be asked this question in this frenzied Presidential election year, but should you answer?  From a human resources stand point I would recommend keeping this personal information to yourself.  While you and your colleagues may feel comfortable discussing your views and opinions on ecommerce, technology, and video games, be cautious of airing your political opinions.

Perhaps you’ve heard a few of these “one liners” whispered around your workplace lately:
“I don't know if you heard this or not but Fred Thompson has dropped out of the presidential race.  Don't worry about Fred, he can always go back to his prestigious fake law firm. ... packing the bags under his eyes” -David Letterman

As this 2008 Presidential race heats up and consumes the discussions on our televisions, at our dinner tables, and even at work, be aware of what you say at the workplace; political opinions are not protected against discrimination or retaliation.  As an “at will employee” if your “Romney loving” boss hates that you volunteer for Hillary Clinton, he or she can fire you.  If you are feeling pressured to share your opinions you are not alone.  According to a survey done by "35 percent of bosses openly share their political views with employees. Nine percent of workers said they've felt pressured to conform to their boss' views."  So no matter who tickles your “political fancy” whether it be Barack Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee be careful what you say around the office, you don't know who you might end up offending.  Perhaps two pieces of tape across the mouth are your best bet.


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