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Posted on January 31, 2008 by Vanessa

Google Checkout Sweepstakes

Our first Google checkout sweepstakes winner has been chosen! customer Laurie from Minden, Nevada was the first person to be chosen as a winner for the DeWalt DC011 Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio/Charger. The DeWalt DC011 is a cordless workplace radio that also charges DeWALT power tools.

The Co-operative Approach

Creating, developing, and advertising for promotions on our site has been a partnership between us and our various suppliers.  In this particular instance we knew we wanted to do a promotion that would drive customers to use Google Checkout.  We also wanted to promote the fact that we carry a large tool offering.  In an effort to tackle both of these requirements we proposed a give away to our supplier.  The proposal was simple; if the supplier will provide the giveaway item then we will provide advertising, banners and promotional statements focused on their particular product offering.  Not only were they able to provide the product but they were able to provide a product that works in conjunction with other DeWALT tools.  This was a great idea, customers and potential winners could then be persuaded to buy DeWALT products now and in the future, in hopes of winning a radio that not only sounds great but charges their tools as well.

Promoting Google Checkout

Running a Google Checkout promotion benefits us as the merchant and our customers.  Using Google Checkout can provide our customers with a quick and easy way to checkout on websites integrating Google Checkout.  Once the customer has created their Google Checkout account they no longer have to enter their billing and shipping information at the time of purchase.  Instead the customer clicks the Google Checkout button, logs in to their secure account and clicks “Place your order now”, and they’re done.  There are multiple reasons for online retailers to use Google Checkout, especially as an AdWords user.  As an AdWords advertiser merchants can earn free transaction processing through Google Checkout.  For every dollar that is spent on AdWords each month, merchants can process $10 in sales the following month through Google Checkout for free.  Not only that but transaction fees have been free since Google Checkout launched and will remain free until January 31st of 2008.  As an early adopter we have been able to take advantage of this since August of 2006.

Everybody Wins!

Consumers love promotions, especially those in which they do not have to do anything in order to win.  This promotion helped to drive sales to our supplier that offered the giveaway product as well as driving sales across the board, while minimizing transaction fees.

In fact everyone seemed to enjoy the promotion, not only did our customers have the benefit of being entered in a sweepstakes but were also able to take advantage of the security and convenience of Google Checkout… even our warehouse seemed to have fun with it checkout Greg as he ships the prize to the lucky winner.

Shipping the DeWALT DC011 Cordless Workplace Radio to the Lucky Winner


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