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Google Spruces Up

Posted on January 31, 2008 by Zach

Google has just updated their Conversion University help section. is now available in all 25 Google Analytics supported languages. From help on optimizing your AdWords ROI to Google Website Optimizer testing strategies, Conversion University's mission is to offer tips and best practices designed to help you improve your online results. One of my biggest frustrations with Google Analytics has been its limited amount of documentation and support, just try to add some of the advanced Google analytics code for Google checkout, Live Person or switch tracking code versions, and you'll soon realize that it is a much harder task then you would have at first realized.  It is certainly good to see new documentation and resources getting some attention. If someone is looking for a fully supported analytics solution Google does still offer Urchin Web Analytics Software for purchase which is available through their partners. I did run through most of the topics present and found the Google Conversion University YouTube playlist especially helpful and interesting.


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