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Learn how to decipher the designer and gain an insight into terms like eclectic, contemporary, and classic

Posted on December 13, 2007 by Zach

Learn how to decipher the designer and gain an insight into terms like eclectic, contemporary, and classic

Remodeled Eclectic Kitchen Courtesy of KohlerYou are ready to hire a designer but throughout the interview process you find that their terminology may be far different than yours. So what does it mean when your potential designer starts throwing around terms like: eclectic, modern, contemporary and classic? A few simple illustrations may be helpful in deciphering this mystery.

Eclectic is referred to as a mixture between combining old and new. This decorating style combines a variety of materials, colors, styles, furniture and accessories to create one synchronized look. While this may sound like an easy task, making the room unified can be challenging. In order to make the task of creating a balanced room easier consider the room as a whole instead of multiple areas and then gradually layer the fabrics, furniture and accessories to create the eclectic look. Choosing an element that merges all of these pieces together will make the room look balanced, adding a unifying color or theme throughout the room will help accomplish this task.

Remodeled Contemporary Bathroom Courtesy of JacuzziWhen properly executed the eclectic interior displays different time periods, traditions, ethnicities and materials without boundaries. The trend toward eclecticism is gaining popularity in design circles because it gives the client the ability to showcase their personality without sacrificing style.

Contemporary designs and modern designs have been synonymous in the past but these ideas can vary from one designer to the next. Both are considered to have characteristics of what is popular at the time, but in the design world contemporary often focuses on soft clean lines, whereas modern is often referred to as having bold accessories. When choosing a theme for your remodel be sure to clarify your ideas of what these terms mean as opposed to what your designers ideas are.

Remodeled Classic Bathroom Courtesy of American StandardA classic remodel is one that will withstand trends and will adhere to traditional thought, for these reasons a classic design is also referred to as being high in quality. Classic designs are seen as being especially balanced and formal while at the same time simple and conservative. Uniting all of these qualities can be hard to achieve. To do so, ample space is needed for storage, which will help keep the room looking clean and allow the focus to be on the furniture, colors and accessories that both the designer and the client deem necessary. Many designers will choose to do a restoration of the room instead of a remodel to keep a classic design.

Designs are not limited to these design styles. Personal style and functional needs should be the priority when planning your remodeling projects even if that means combining basic designs like eclectic, contemporary and classic.
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