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Christmas Cheer From Customer Service

Posted on December 28, 2010 by Rissa

The holiday season seems to add extra stress to any eCommerce company. I know for us in customer service, we have a higher volume of calls and emails gearing up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. For the most part, customers will call us in a holiday rush to grab that last minute item they need for a renovation or a Christmas gift. Whether you are remodeling, giving a gift or in customer service yourself, the holiday season seems to be the best and busiest time of year for all of us.

In preparing for the weather delays and stress the holidays bring, I like to pick out some of the "stories" that helped me remember how great this time of year is. Here is my favorite.

I recieved a call from a sweet elderly lady asking about a chalk board. As we continued talking, she told me it was a Christmas present for her granddaughter and I could not help but tell her how excited she was. I told her a story of a little girl that wanted a chalk board for Christmas and her parents got one with colored chalk and she was so excited. Fifteen years later and I still love chalk boards so I told her if I was that little girl again I would want some colored chalk to go along with it. She thought it was a great idea and confessed she did not think to buy anything but the chalk board. I was able to find her colored and white chalk to go along with the board. Allowing me to relive a favorite childhood memory, and hopefully, allowing her to create one for her granddaughter.

Customer service can be hard, and some days it is so easy to forget there are people with stories waiting to be told. It is such a joy to assist these customers with the type of customer service that goes beyond what is required, when you realize Christmas morning there will be a young girl opening up her Christmas presents to play with that chalk board. Having moments like these remind me of the holiday season, while showing me that even during times of stress we can still make a difference.


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