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Blendtec Will It Blend - Interestingly Enough, Sometimes It Won't

While at the Internet Retailer 2007 Conference and Exhibition the PlumberSurplus.com team that attended the conference went to a session called "Web-TV: The Medium Is Once Again A Message About Brand Marketing". This session was about the Blendtec blending videos, E-Commerce and how some fun and interesting videos turned into one of the best internet video marketing brand campaigns on YouTube. At the end of that session the CEO of Blendtec Tom Dickson went to demo how they make these videos by blending a rake handle. Near the end of finishing the rake handle though the blender jams and is unable to blend the entire rake handle. Tom Dickson fidgets with the blender to try and finish the job but is unable to do so. We now have an interesting answer to the question they pose before every video they create and whether they are blending marbles, magnets, an IPod or a rake handle we now know that when they ask "Will It Blend?" interestingly enough, sometimes it won't.