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American Bath Factory AcraStone

American Bath Factory clawfoot bathtubs are vacuum formed from two ¼" sheets of high-quality cast acrylic, laminated together with their patented crushed stone/resin compound to give their bathtubs thickness, strength, and weight. The cast acrylic sheet has a second layer of ABS behind it which gives the bathtubs unmatched strength. This multi-layered proprietary material is patented and called ACRASTONE. The Benefits of AcraStone are: smooth and shiny on both sides, warm to the touch, have better heat retention, thick 1/8" finish, color won't wear or chip off like cast iron, much lighter than cast iron, less freight, easier to install, and safer on the 2nd floor, repairable surface, shine every time like new after polishing, will never rust, surface can withstand strong blows without chipping or cracking, have the flexibility to add an air massage system in the bathtub.

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