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Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24B Electric Tankless Water Heater, 208/240 Volts


Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24B Electric Tankless Water Heater, 208/240 Volts

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Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24B Electric Tankless Water Heater, 208/240 Volts

Unlimited supply of hot water: The Tempra™ continually heats water instantaneously as you require it - and only when you require it. The Tempra™ unit completely replaces a conventional tank heater with no disruption to your comfort and hot water needs.

Save energy and reduce your electric bill: Electric tank type water heaters are subject to stand-by losses which amount to 15 - 20% of the kWH used. In addition, water in a tank has to be heated hotter than necessary to account for these stand-by losses. Changing to a tankless system like the Tempra™ eliminates these problems and results in typical savings of at least 15 - 20% on the heating portion of your electric bill.

Sleek design saves space: The Tempra™ takes up considerably less space than conventional tank type water heaters and saves valuable living space.

Control temperature simply by setting a dial: Set the knob on the front cover and enjoy water temperatures between 86°F (30°C) and 125°F (52°C). Change the desired temperature at anytime. Advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the water temperature never deviates from the set point.

Better than gas: The Tempra™ has several advantages over a gas-type tankless water heater. Compared to many similar gas tankless models the Tempra™ is less expensive to purchase. Installation is also much simpler and cheaper since it is not necessary to vent a Tempra™ to the outside. The venting that a gas unit requires causes anywhere from a 10 - 20% efficiency reduction from heat escaping out the exhaust pipe. Furthermore, for every cubic foot of gas burned, two cubic feet of air have to be mixed in to create ideal combustion. In a cold climate, this hurts efficiency further. When a gas unit fires, it draws in air around it, heats the water, and then expels warm exhaust outside. Since no house is airtight, this suction action causes a drafting condition where cold air from the outside seeps back in through door cracks and other parts of the house that may not be airtight. By nature of the design, the Tempra™ is nearly 100% efficient; converting 100% of the electrical energy it consumes into heat. All that heat is then transferred to the water - none is lost to the outdoors.

Proven reliability: Stiebel Eltron has an enviable track record of engineering excellence and product quality. The three years parts warranty is unique in the industry. You can depend on the Tempra™ for many years to come.

Take the cover off: We have done our homework. As an international leader in the tankless electric water heating industry, Stiebel Eltron is proud to have pioneered this technology. The company's German engineering and manufacturing tradition of excellence means that you can depend on its performance for many years to come.

Seismic proof construction: The Tempra™ is a tankless water heater system, and is thereby not subject to seismic code. There is no need for preventative construction, as required when using a tank type water heater.

Superior, reliable performance: The Tempra™ has several temperature and flow sensors which feed their readings into the unit's proprietary microprocessor control. Heating elements are engaged in stages, achieving the temperature you desire. The Tempra™ continually monitors the water temperature it produces.

* Click More Images for Technical Data and Sizing Information.

When considering purchasing a Tempra 24 you are looking at a unit that saves energy, water and money while providing a reliable water heating solution for your home. With its unlimited supply of hot water, advanced flow controls and seismic proof construction this unit is designed to help you create a long lasting hot water source in your home. This water heater also does not require costly venting as it is electric and tankless which saves on installation cost.
Tempra 24B

Manual Brochure
4.4/5 Stars
14 reviews
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5/5 StarsGreat | I installed this unit with no trouble. My electric bill dropped 15% the first month. It takes about 10 seconds to get hot water. The temp varies by about 10 degress as the unit cycles on and off. Well worth the price.
Recommended? Yes.
Recommended? No.
5/5 StarsI would buy this product again. Easy to! | One word! Great!!!
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsVery pleased | Installed unit 2 weeks ago dont know savings yet but it works great looks great and plenty of hot water Temp stays constant even when using multiple fausets at one time. Had to hire someone to install it because electrical was a bit tricky Cost of unit plus instalation plus breakers new wireing etc under $1100.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsI love it | I installed my Tempra 24 Electric tankless water heater about 2 1/2 months ago and couldn't be happier. I ran heavy gauge wire from the opposite corner of my garage for a cost of about $150 and hired a plumber to make the final plumbing connections. I grin every time I drive into my garage and see it hanging on the wall and using ZERO power.
I'm perhaps the ideal user for electric tankless, with 2 adults in the house, reasonably warm ground water (Tucson, AZ), and water-saving shower heads. The unit is more than sufficient for clothes washing and filling the bath tub or a car-washing bucket. Lots of HOT water!
The only issue has been that I will sometimes shower with insufficient hot water flow to keep the unit unit turned on and heating water - because our summertime ground water temperature is almost warm enough to be comfortable for showering straight from the cold water line, so I don't mix much hot water into the spray. There's an 0.58 gpm minimum flow rate on this model to have the heater kick in. That's really a slow trickle, but I remind myself to keep the hot volume high enough in the shower to keep the unit on - and I grin again about how much I like my tankless water heater.
Recommended? Yes.
3/5 StarsReset on heating element trips | Tempra 24 Worked great for two weeks, the right side heating element reset keeps tripping!
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsWorks fine | I purchased this HW heater in May of 2008 after home heating oil reached all time highs. I opted to keep my existing oil fed system, as it is fairly new, and place the Tempra 24 after the existing tank. I can run oil or electric, or a hybrid. I can now shut the oil burner off completely in summer months. What would have cost $600 in hot water costs over 4 months now cost about $80. I installed the unit myself without too much fanfare. I had experience in electric and plumbing in the past.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsEndless hot water!!! | I have a 5th wheel trailer, which doesn't have but a small 10 gallon water heater tank. It is a great convenience to have the hot water running endlessly, especially since I don't have a tub and need the heat to loosen sore back muscles.
The unit fit conveniently under my sink and takes 1/20 of the space of the previous tank.
I believe it is the best home investment I made.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsElectric Tankless is the only way to go! | My purchase of the Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Electric Tankless Water Heater went smoothly it arrived quicker than I expected.

Due to a hernia operation the week before The tankless heater arrived I chose to have the unit installed by a carpenter that was doing some other work. I had to make one parts run for a section of pipe & 2 connectors that were not planed for due to a change in mounting location. The longest part of the instillation was draining the old 50 gallon tank. The hardest part of the job, not for me, was lifting the old tank out of the closet like location.

I have used the unit a month now and really like it. The only change was I set the water temperature to 120 not their recommended 109 degrees. The unit seems able to produce all the hot water I'll ever need and there is no recovery time between filling the washer, dishwasher, & taking a shower. I am not sure all 3 units were operating at the same time but my long showers never run out of warm water like when I had the water heater system.

The local commercial plumbing supplier had told me 'electric tankless' heaters are only used in Europe, and he didn't carry them & they didn't work! Instead he offered to cut me a deal on a gas unit plus a stainless steel vent & some other supplies at almost triple the price of an electric unit! The only extra expense I had wad $30 for two 60 amp breakers. Fortunately I had a 200 amp panel & an empty slot. I had some extra expenses around $50 for some extras like brass ball valves etc.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsMeets all my expectations | I installed the Tempra 24 by myself in our vacation home (3 baths, dishwasher, laundry). We haven't given it a lot of use yet, but the output and hot water temp is very good so far. Electrical and pumbing is straightforward, although I had to double up four breakers to make room for the two required 60 amp double pole breakers. Make sure your service is 200 amps. This unit pulls a lot of juice. 6/2 cable is close to $2 per foot and hard to handle due to stiffness. Be sure to have an adequate wire cutter on hand. Fortunately, my run was only 10 feet. I tied into existing 1/2" CPVC pipes and installed shut offs on both hot and cold lines. Found all fittings and breakers at local hardware store.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsBest money you can spend | I was very leary of buying electric because everyone I knew told me they were nothing but problems and gas was the only way to go. But, I did my research and came across Stiebel Eltron and it was the only company selling electric that had consistantly solid reviews. I've had my Tempra 24 for about a year and a half, long enough to really know what I like and don't like.

The pros are: 1) installation under normal circumstances is probably about 1 to 1-1/2 hours and is a BREEZE, and I'm no electrician or plumber. Electrically it's 2 shots of 6/2 romex from your breaker box to the unit(each of the 2 internal heating elements needs it's own breaker and run of wire). If your breaker box is close to your current water heater consider yourself lucky. Mine are 60' apart and a 125' roll of 6/2 romex cost me about $100. Plumbing is the same as a standard water heater. Cold water goes in one side, and hot water comes out the other and feeds the house (not rocket science by any means). 2) Multiple applications at once is not a problem for the Tempra 24, like 2 showers, a shower and a dishwasher, etc. 3) SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS on electric bill, I'm talking $15-20/ month for me. 4) never run out of hot water, EVER. 5) BIG advantage over gas such as: nearly 100% energy efficient, no natural gas access needed (a huge expense if you don't already have it) and no venting required which doesn't sound like a big deal, but it would probably mean professional installation would be a MUST. 6) Digital read out and temp adjust knob make it a cinch to put water temp to your exact preference.

Cons: I am stretching to even think of one, but it would probably be that if you are running 2 showers at once, you do have to turn your hot water up a little higher than normal to compensate for the other fixture using hot water as well. But that is no different than a standard hot water heater. All in all, I'd say it was the best home purchase I've made to date. I'd give up my Sharp 46" LCD HDTV before going back to a standard hot water tank.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsGerman Engineering says it all! | First time installing one of these units. Requires 2 6/2..yes I said 6/2 wire. Thats serious stuff. I needed 40 feet which the unit requires 2 breakers so I had to run 2 lines. Wire/plumbing materials and breakers totaled an additional $180 so add that to your cost. I installed it myself in the garage (with a some help from neighbor Sheriff Rob). First electric bill went from $160 previous month to $99 this month. Water is very hot and seems a bit softer or more oxygenated than the old water heater. Looks great in my grey wall and carpeted garage. Glad to have that ugly water tank gone. Lots more room for my gym. Solar would be the next best thing if you are looking at maximum savings however this unit is superb and is much better than hot water tank by far.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsBeautiful wonderful water heater | I recently installed the Eltron Tempra 24 in our 3 b, 1 b home. We are doing our best to make any improvements in our recently purchased 1950's home as environmentally friendly as possible.

In purchasing the Eltron, I had three concerns:

1. Could I install it (no electrical or plumbing experience, but very handy with wood).
2. Was it going to destroy my electric bill (gas is cheaper, etc.).
3. Was the 24 enough to take a hot shower.

I had recently ripped out the old hot water heater (looked like a mini submarine) and wanted to install the Eltron in a new location. I ran all new copper pipes and had to run two 6 gauge, 210 watt lines from my breaker box to the water heater. As that sort of wire runs upwards of $3/ft, I chose a location in my kitchen as close to my breaker box as possible. The installation was rather straight forwarded but for the inexperienced person, I would recommend "The Isolator" water heater isolation valves for simplified pressure relief and valve setup. I used these and they are great. Anyways, once I had it all hooked up, inspected, etc. I was worried it wouldn't work. I flipped the breakers, and on came the LED indicating the desired water temperature.
Much to our delight, it worked fabulously.

2. It is very reasonable to operate. I've calculated, and have had reflected on my electrical bill that it is about 29 cents for a 10 minute shower and 0 cents when we're on vacation!

3. The water heat is all that I could ask for for my 2.8 GPM (I KNOW I NEED LOWER FLOW RATE SHOWER HEAD) shower head. Our new dishwasher has an internal heater, and right now we don't have a kitchen so I have yet to try it with someone using a faucet. Regardless, once we replace the shower head with a low flow one, we should be fine to run a sink (we only have the temperature about half way up).

It's a great looking unit. The mounting hardware is weak, so I used some extra drywall support screw expanders.

No complaints but only been using for 1 month and I don't have a kitchen yet.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsGreat Deal | Most installations in this area are in a basement; therefore the inlet and outlet would be better on the top on the unit.
Recommended? Yes.
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Q:Do these heaters require annual servicing/flushing of the elementsBryan Gomes | Wednesday, January 8, 2014
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For information such as this, it would be best to contact the manufacturer directly.
Adam | Tuesday, February 4, 2014
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Q:The problem we have with our existing electric tank water heater is that our very hard water over time corrodes the heating elements, would this happen with this unit?erik | Monday, February 11, 2013
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For technical information on which item would be best for hard water, over time, I can suggest contact Steibel Eltron at (800) 582-8423
Aaron | Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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Q:When can I obtain seizing information? How many watts of power do I need for my house and what does your designation on Tempra 24B mean? Not obviuos on your web site to obtain techanical data. ThanksJub | Tuesday, February 5, 2013
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The technical information for this item and for the similar items under the Stiebel name can be found on the manual page under the documents tab. You can find all of the technical information you are seeking, there.
Aaron | Wednesday, February 6, 2013
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