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Heath Zenith SL-6030-BZ 180 Wireless Motion Sensor - Transmitter, Bronze


Heath Zenith SL-6030-BZ 180 Wireless Motion Sensor - Transmitter, Bronze

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Heath Zenith SL-6030-BZ 180 Wireless Motion Sensor - Transmitter, Bronze

Heath Zenith SL-6030-BZ 180 Wireless Motion Sensor - Transmitter, Bronze
•No New Wiring required. Place sensor anywhere needed to detect motion
•Bronze finish

• Controls lights within 100 ft of sensor

• Detects motion 180 arc up to 70 ft away

• Selectable light timer of 1 or 5 minutes

• Weather sealed battery compartment uses 2 AA batteries (not included)

• Features Adjustable mounting bracket for eave or wall

• Detects motion day/night or at night only

• Selectable coding allows the use of multiple units in the same location

4/5 Stars
4 reviews
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5/5 StarsRELIABLE TECHNOLOGY | I use multiple sensors outside my home. This sensor allows the user to change the transmission signal so it does not conflict with other sensors in the general area.
Recommended? Yes.
3/5 StarsWorks but not at the distance it states. | This is a good wireless outside motion detector which I use with the Model SL-6012-RX receiver but the 100 foot transmitting range is very overstated. Considering this is an outside detector, there will rarely be a "clear path" as in my case I attached it to the eave of the garage, meaning it has to pass through walls, etc.

My experience indicates the 100 foot distance is more like 40-50 feet to be effective. This is the second unit I have purchased over the last 6 years and they are very durable.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsSolves a problem no others could, but... | These lights are an excellent design for a situation where you want the light to go on in one area, but the motion of concern may be in another area. For example, I have a neighbor that was throwing garbage in my yard and coming onto my property whether to damage my property or peep in my windows. I wanted the motion sensors to trip at point of entry onto my property with light filling my property where suspicious activity has occurred in the past. A year ago, I was thankful to find the Heath/Zenith lighting solution. I bought 2 sets of flood lights to cover 2 different areas. Each came with a wireless sensor. I needed to buy 2 more sensors for my situation. It took a little negotiating the frequency settings for the two different lights, but they are designed to handle it. Recently the one sensor, and only sensor, mounted to a tree went "bad". It started to emit a high frequency, well beyond 80 ft. and through several house walls, which cloaked my wireless garage door opener. (Not great for security when you have a neighbor that does not respect boundaries.) Thanks to a wonderful garage door repair person, we were able to identify the problem. The minute I pulled the batteries out of the sensor, my garage door worked perfectly. I'm not sure if this was a unique issue or if tree mounting shortens the life of the product(a lot of squirels run up and down that tree). Regardless, I'm buying a replacement because this lighting system has significantly reduced my neighbor's invasive activities.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsEasy Customized Security Lighting | I bought a pair of these to allow flexible coverage of zones for outdoor security lighting, when communicating with another Heath/Zenith wireless light fixture. They are inexpensive compared to other devices on the market, and I think Heath/Zenith has the right features for most people. The day & night / night only switch is helpful when adjusting the coverage or maybe in other applications like making a visitor alert system that should run independent of daylight. I used the 1-minute ON setting to save time when adjusting the coverage area (the TEST setting seemed erratic and added confusion to the process). The coverage area seems to match their specs -- I get reliable detection 50' to 70' out from the sensor. The ball swivel mount is nice to allow aiming (I screwed the mount to tree trunks, and the bronze color blends in nicely). Two issues to be aware of: 1) when installing the batteries, adjusting the switches, locating the sensors at the fringe of reception, or maybe just being real close to the sensor, there seems to be a period of erratic operation. It can even refuse to sense motion for a minute or so, but this appears to only happen when getting the system set up. If you just wait some time and walk out of the coverage area, it seems to reset to proper function. In effect, the initial installation and adjustment can be frustrating, but once you understand that it needs time to stabilize (or something), you can get it done. The end result is worth it and very functional. 2) the second issue is outdoor range between the motion sensor and the receiver lamp is a little limited. Anything more than 50'-70' results in failed communication. At the end limit of this separation, I even had episodes of light flickering, and lighting turned on but not off. To be fair, I was communicating from one side of the driveway, across a parked car, to the light fixture located on the other side. Still, I would have liked a little stronger transmitting (the motion sensor was firing, as indicated by the little LED, but the signal was not received by the light fixture). Overall, these motion sensors work in the tough outdoor environment, have nice features, and provide a new flexibility for coverage/detection zones due to the wireless functionality.
Recommended? Yes.
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