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Chronomite SR40L/240 Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater


Chronomite SR40L/240 Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater

We apologize that this product is not for sale at this time. You may enjoy similar products from the Electric Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters or Electric Tankless Water Heaters categories or the Chronomite brand.
Not Currently Available

We apologize that this product is not for sale at this time. You may enjoy similar products from the Electric Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters or Electric Tankless Water Heaters categories or the Chronomite brand.

Chronomite SR40L/240 Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater

The Instant-Flow SR model is a great basic instant water heater for a wide variety of uses. It features a small size, low installation cost, and delivers unlimited hot water. It also meets the ADA requirements and is 99% Energy Efficient. This instant water heater fits great in lavatories, sinks, showers, and other special applications.

Chronomite also integrates energy and water savings with cost savings and many features which contribute to a safer environment. With Chronomite, gas leaks are eliminated, and the self-cleaning feature of the microprocessor technology prevents alkali and calcification buildup, so there is less possibility for tank corrosion and flooding and less maintenance and operational costs.

Chronomite SR40L/240 Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater Features:
• 99% Energy Efficient
• Compact Size
• Easy to Install
• Low Installation Cost
• Unlimited Hot Water
• Environmentally Friendly
• Element assembly is fabricated from Celcon plastic
• Coils are nichrome
• Faucet flow controls and compression fittings are supplied
• Complies with Standards for: UL, IAMPO, California AB1953
• Meets ADA Requirements
• Made in the USA

Chronomite SR40L/240 Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater Specifications:
• Standard Flow 1.0 GPM Flow Rate
• Change T Temp Rise at 1.0 GPM: 57 degrees F
• Watts: 9600
• Volts: 240
• Amps: 40
• Minimum Operating Flow Rate: 0.4 GPM
• Minimum Operating Pressure: 25 PSI
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
• Maximum Operating Temperature: 140 degrees F
• Housing is fabricated from rugged cast aluminum alloy
• Space Saving Size: 6 1/4" x 9 5/8" x 2 3/4"

* Image shown may vary by color, finish, material or size
0 to 5 in
Depth (Inches):
Green Living:
Cal Green
Height (Inches):
Length (Inches):
Temperature Rise:
44 Degrees F at 1.0 GPM

Installation Instructions Specifications
5/5 Stars
5 reviews
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5/5 StarsHot Hot Hot Water | I installed the Chronomite SR-40 240v Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater as a whole house heater (2 baths, kitchen, laundry) in central Florida. It's great to never run out of hot water, especially when the snow birds (friends and family) visit.

The only problem that I have with this tankless heater is that I can't seem to get my shower temperature cooler. I have no problems mixing the hot and cold at the sinks.

PlumbersSurplus has the best price and delivered my online order in six days with no problems.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsGreat little water heater! | I am using this water heater to heat a swimming pool and even though this is unconventional it's been working well since I installed it 3 weeks ago. I live in northern WI and have a 15' diameter x 4' deep above ground pool. The kids love swimming but even when the water reaches the upper 70's they don't spend as much time in it as they would like. I run the heater about 4 -5 hrs per day to keep the water betw 84 and 87 degrees. It should cost about $1 per hour. Well worth it. I am concerned that the chlorine will eventually eat up the heating element but even if it only lasts one season it would be worth it.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsExactly as advertized | This unit was easy to install. It worked exactly as specified. I tested the incoming and outgoing and the rise was 63 degrees as specified. I clicked all of the pros except long lasting because I just installed in and cannot speak for that, but If it only lasted a year, I would not mind having to put a new one in its place. With everything there, that would be easy and the years worth of not having to wait for, or waste, water would be worth it.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsWorks EXACTLY as advertized | I was surprised to see how exact the temperature gain was just as promised. I checked with a good thermometer and the temp. rise was 63 degrees over the inflow temp. exactly as promised. Before, I was wasting a lot of water because of the distance the hot water pipes ran under my slab to reach my kitchen, not to mention a lot of wasted time waiting for the water to get hot. I now have the temp. of my house HWH set on the lowest setting. This is still high enough for me to take a shower using only hot water.

I have this unit under my kitchen sink so that I now I have instant 133 degree water (my source unheated water in the underground pipes is 70 degrees) that increases to 190 degrees as soon as the heated water from my home HWH reaches the kitchen at 127 degrees. I have to be carful less I cook my fingers my mistake because I had the habit before of sticking them under the hot water without mixing it with the cold water. The steam rising does serve as a warning. It will run and hold this temperature forever as long as you keep paying your water and power bill!

My only wish would be for a even larger unit that could maintain the 63 degree rise with around 1.5 gallon per minute flow. It was easy to install with having to run a new dedicated circuit taking the most time because the plumbing hookup was simple. The unit is so small, considering it's output, and easily mounted on the side of my cabinet under the sink and out of the way. The smaller 120 volt unit would be perfect for an office sink with a lot of savings vs. having to install a reg. HWH.

My only unknown factor is how long the unit will last. If I have to replace it annualy, I will do so because it would be worth it considering it's low price plus the saving of time and gas for my main HWH. i am thinking of buying a 2nd unit for my shower and bath vanity and doing away entirely with my HWH.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsFREE HOT WATER!!! | OK. Well hot water isn't completely free, but with two of these point of use heaters I supply all, ALL the hot water for my home. They are great and have been used in Europe for decades. All you pay for is only the hot water you use. No tanks to keep hot water stored day in & day out when you wind up using it only a few minutes each day. All you pay for is what you use which is a huge savings, BIG BUCKS, compared to storage systems. Just figure it out for yourself! A five minute shower would cost: 5 (time) X 4 (KW) X YOUR KW per hour rate divided by 60 . Mine costs me about [$]! Shower together and it's cheaper!It is a tankless world, save a fortune.
Recommended? Yes.
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