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Chronomite SR20L/120 Instant-Flow SR Low-Flow Tankless Water Heater


Chronomite SR20L/120 Instant-Flow SR Low-Flow Tankless Water Heater

We apologize that this product is not for sale at this time. You may enjoy similar products from the Electric Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters or Electric Tankless Water Heaters categories or the Chronomite brand.
Not Currently Available

We apologize that this product is not for sale at this time. You may enjoy similar products from the Electric Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters or Electric Tankless Water Heaters categories or the Chronomite brand.

Chronomite SR20L/120 Instant-Flow SR Low-Flow Tankless Water Heater

• 99% Energy Efficient
• Compact size and easy to install
• Unlimited Hot Water
• Environmentally Friendly
• Element assembly is fabricated from Celcon plastic
• Coils are nichrome
• Faucet flow controls and compression fittings are supplied
• Complies with Standards for: UL, IAMPO, California AB1953
• Meets ADA Requirements
• Made in the USA

• Low Flow 0.5 GPM Flow Rate
• Amps: 20 - also in the model number
• Volts: 120 - also in the model number
• Watts: 2400
• Change T Temp Rise at 0.5 GPM: 33 degrees F
• 120V models may be operated at 110V with approximately a 16% temperature decrease
• Minimum Operating Flow Rate: 0.4 GPM
• Minimum Operating Pressure: 25 PSI
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
• Maximum Operating Temperature: 140 degrees F
• Housing is fabricated from rugged cast aluminum alloy
• Space Saving Size: 6 1/4" x 9 5/8" x 2 3/4"

* Image shown may vary by color, finish, material or size

The Instant-Flow SR model is a great basic instant water heater for a wide variety of uses. It features a small size, low installation cost, and delivers unlimited hot water. It also meets the ADA requirements and is 99% Energy Efficient. This instant water heater fits great in lavatories, sinks, showers, and other special applications.

Small and compact, Chronomite SR20L/120 Instant-Flow SR Low-Flow Tankless Water Heater is easy to install and maintain thanks to its self-cleaning features. Providing instant and unlimited hot water, the Chronomite SR20L/120 is an environmentally friendly way to conserve while not sacrificing performance. If you are looking for a tankless water heater that is ready to perform whenever you are, try the Chronomite SR20L/120 Instant-Flow SR Low-Flow .

For more information about choosing the right tankless water heater, please visit our tankless water heater buying guide.
0 to 5 in
Depth (Inches):
Green Living:
Cal Green
Height (Inches):
Length (Inches):
Temperature Rise:
41 Degrees F at .4 GPM

Installation Instructions Application Data Sheet
3.8/5 Stars
16 reviews
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5/5 StarsChronomite electric tankless water heater | The 20l/120 unit is awsome for the money. Just make sure it is wored correctly and the correct folw adapter is on the faucet. Instillation was a breeze and I had hot water running in about 30 minutes. Exceptional buy !
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsWarmer Water With Less Waste | I installed the SR20L/120 on the hot water line in the most used bathroom, which is furthest from the water heater (30 feet). It used to be that we would be finished washing our hands before warm water was available. Now in a second or two warm water is avaiable. Original water temp was 65 degress. Now it is 86 degrees. The unit works as advertised and we are happy.
Recommended? Yes.
3/5 StarsWater heater above. | I should have looked at the ordering info a little more closely. I would have bought the SR/20L/12O heater that had higher wattage. I am a little disappointed that the water temp isn't higher. It does save us from running water a long time to get hot water to the front of the mobile home from the back, about 40' I guess. I am impressed with the unit, and the shipping time etc. Thanks. The water flow is kind of a pain too.
Recommended? Yes.
1/5 StarsRidiculous.. | cant hardly tell the cold from hot. even when I just barely turn it on to let it heat more still cold.. useless .. dont waste your money on this.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsGreat addition | Hooked it up to the existing garbage disposal circuit. Easy to install and provides a very comfortable warm/hot stream for washing hands or dishes.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsI would buy this product again and again | main hot water tank was small 3 gallon I install this one problem solved
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsPerfect fit | Easy enough to install,
Recommended? Yes.
2/5 StarsMay not provide sufficient rise in temp. | I am disappointed with the unit only raising the temp about 20 degrees. Of course, the product description was truthful but one must consider the existing temp prior to raising the temp 20 degrees and determine if it will be sufficient. My starting temp is 60 degrees in Phoenix and raising it to 80 degrees is not really sufficient. I then hooked it to the hot water line for input but because the water heater is a long run it does not help much. If one starts at 45-50 degrees then the results may not meet the need. I understand that 110 volts can only do so much as stated.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 Starssmall but mighty | Compact, fits under kitchen & bath sinks easily, I have used this heater in many applications and been very satisfied with value of the product.

I would like to see an indicator when the heater is on, this will also please the customer to actually see that it is on rather than feel when the water is hot.
Recommended? Yes.
3/5 StarsGood but 220 v probably better | I installed it in a workshop bathroom. Nice unit but only provides 40 degree difference from inlet to outlet temperature. Sounds like a lot unless you have 40 degree or colder water coming in. But it does take the chill off and is working nicely.
Recommended? Yes.
3/5 StarsIf you need a Low Amp Instant Heat Unit | If you are not able to change your Breaker to 30 AMP's, then this is the unit for you. This unit runs on a 20 AMP Breaker. The water temperature has to be in the 80's or higher to get "Almost" Hot Water. Not good for the North. The most important thing to know about this Heater is that if you don't have water in it and you run it you will burn it quickly.
Recommended? No.
4/5 StarsNot bad for a 120 heater | Fine heater if you understand its limitations. I bought it for a bedroom sink that is far from the main water heater. It provides nearly instant warm water at a low volume. The adjustment from luke warm to very warm is accomplished by fine tuning the water flow. There is a learning curve here but patience pays off. I would recommend this unit.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsGREAT!! | This is an extremely valuable product. Saves both water AND electric power.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsIt was just as I expected | I needed instant hot water at a bathroom sink,I was tired of waiting for 5 minutes for hot water because my hot water tank was so far away.
Recommended? Yes.
2/5 StarsInsufficient Flow Temperature | I use this under an Office sink with flow control supplied. Water is slightly warm under normal use. I reduce the flow at the handle and water becomes hotter. Well at least no one will be scalded by water that is too HOT! This is Florida so we don't have too many cold days that would need hotter water. Bottom line is its useful but not what was expected.
Recommended? No.
5/5 StarsThe appliance works as expected | This insta-hot water works as expected. 110 volt outlet with a small hot water demand. If you expect to get "lot" of hot water quickly you will be unhappy. But if you want just a small amount quickly you will be happy.

I only have a 110volt outlet. I did not want to drop a 220 outlet. If I did it would have been better to get a larger heater.

My house's water heater is a long way from the kitchen. I have two sinks in the kitchen - small and large. Filling a hot cup of wayer used lots of water for 1 8oz cup from the small sink. I hooked the hot water line to the intake rather than the cold water - in the small sink. This at least starts the hot water moving in the correct direction to the kitchen. I use the large sink for dishes.

The heate works as expected!
Recommended? Yes.
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Q:Can hook this device to a shower for an rvOscar | Saturday, January 10, 2015
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This unit can be used in an RV if you have the right volts, amps and connection line sizes.
Josh | Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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Q:can this unit be installed on the "out" side of a current water heater??tom | Monday, February 24, 2014
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For technical support and installation assistance, we would recommend contacting Chronomite directly. They will have a technical department on hand who can better assist you.
Adam | Wednesday, March 26, 2014
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Q:What does SR20L means?Lynn | Tuesday, October 22, 2013
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That is simply the model number given by Chronomite for this item. For detailed information about what each digit stands for, please contact them directly.
Adam | Tuesday, October 22, 2013
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