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Bosch RP1P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater


Bosch RP1P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Bosch RP1P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater

Point-of-use hot water heaters can supply up to 2 sinks at a time and provide endless hot water and energy savings. These water heaters are easy to install and you will never have to worry about heat loss from long pipe runs. A point-of-use water heater is the perfect solution for home and office sinks... hot water without the wait.

Water is heated as it flows through the Powerstream, so you will never run out of hot water. Powerstream Pro features a compact design and can be mounted in any direction (with the exception of the RP12PT) - making it the ideal point-of-use water heater for virtually any sink installation.

Bosch RP1P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater Features:
• Compact, point-of-use tankless heater
• 99% efficient with zero stand-by loss
• Solid copper heat exchanger and copper-sheathed heating elements
• Most models are equipped with high/low kW settings
• Thermal cut-out protects elements from dry fire damage
• Units can be mounted in any direction (except RP12PT)
• Product Number: 483722
• 5-Year warranty

Bosch RP1P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater Specifications:
• Volts - 240
• Amps - 40
• Element Resistance - 2x12
• High Setting - 9.5kW
• Wire Size - 8 GA
• Activation Rate (GPM) - .75
• Maximum degree rise is based on incoming water temperature of 50°F.
• Temperature Rise (°F) at Flow Rate (GPM) -
 o .50GPM - n/a
 o .75GPM - 84°F
 o 1.0GPM - 64°F
 o 1.5GPM - 42°F
 o 2.0GPM - 32°F
 o 2.5GPM - n/a

NOTE: The inlet water temperature plus the degree rise from the heater will be the final delivered temperature. Only limited flow rates of hot water can be drawn from a hot water outlet, refer to flow/degree rise table below.

The Rheem 81VP20S Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater comes with a 20 gallon capacity and works off a normal 120 volt system. These point of use heaters are perfect for anywhere that requires a quick connection with hot water. Having 20 gallons allows them to work in mobile situations, like a mobile home, and their space saving design will help them to take up as little room as possible. If your hot water has been lacking at specific points of the house you may consider boasting it with a electric water heater like this one.

Specification Manual
3.3/5 Stars
4 reviews
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2/5 StarsLeaks and not hot | Installed unit and as soon as it was tested, it started leaking from the coil inside. Also the hot water it was producing at the time was only warm.
Recommended? No.
2/5 StarsBeware if not on city water | This is a wonderful unit in many cases, but if you are not on city water you will have two serious issues to deal with.First, unless you have spent extra for a constant flow device, your water pressure will vary from 20-40 psi or 30-50 psi, or some other range. This did affect what we felt at the showerhead as far as extremely hot or cooler. We got a special showerhead to prevent scalding.Second, if on a well chances are your water may be less than the quality of water supplied those who get their water from a municipality. Although the device is ingenious, there are some very small copper tubes in it, and these can clog or corrode, causing possible serious consequences.Although I touted this device, I now offer the above caveat to those who are still interested[...] Only one state in the US required a pressure temperature relief valve as required on typical convention water heaters. They were right. Please ask your electrician about this inexpensive option. Your life is worth having this safety device.
Recommended? Yes.
5/5 StarsPowerstream 9.5 water heater | For a small home or garden cottage/office that needs hot water without the fuss of a tank system (geyser). It's great, can be fitted to taps and showers other than recommended by manufacturer. Water as hot as one would need.
Great system, pity it's not more wildly used in South Africa.
Recommended? Yes.
4/5 StarsHot water in 3 seconds | I installed it for about $100. A licenced electrician would have added much to cost. This precluded the fifth star. After 4 weeks I have no complaints about quantity of hot water. My north east winter water temp. is 40 and it gets heated to 126.
Recommended? Yes.
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Q:What is the model and serial number for the Bosch RP1P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater, 240 volts?Joya | Friday, September 13, 2013
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Model number is RP1P. Bosch also uses number 483722.
Adam | Monday, September 23, 2013
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