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Toilet Installation Package

Installing toilets can seem much more complex than it really is, with the items from our toilet installation kit installing your new toilet is quick and easy.

Waxman 7641550 Toilet Bolt Caps, White
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WM Harvey 017117B 1/2" x 520" Teflon Thread Seal Tape
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Fluidmaster 7500P8 Wax-Free Toilet Installation Bowl Gasket
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Fluidmaster B4T16 No-Burst Braided 16" Toilet Connectors, Stainless Steel
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Package Information

Toilet bolt caps are decorative caps that cover the bolts that hold the toilet in place.

Teflon tape is a type of tape used in plumbing to seal connections throughly, ensuring that pipes will not leak. Also know as thread seal tape or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), its wrapped around pipe threads before they are screwed into place to create a seal.

Toilet bowl gaskets haven taken the place of the traditional toilet wax ring. They are easy to install, the wax-free gasket adapts to all types of flooring and drain pipes, providing a secure seal. Made from a special rubber, the wax-free bowl gasket will provide a consistent, complete seal every time without using wax. The 7500 can adapt to fit 3” or 4” drain pipes.

Toilet connectors are flexible extenders that can connect the toilet to the water line, they are available in different lengths and materials.