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What is California's AB1953 Law and How Do You Prepare for It

California and Vermont’s new lead free standards

Lead free standards for water California and Vermont are taking a big step in the improvement of the states plumbing components by putting into law the AB 1953 bill. This bill defines the term “lead free” as an average lead content of 0.25% or less, changing the current standard. This bill will be passed into law on January 1st, 2010 and all new installations after that date will be subject to the new law. What this means is that businesses in California and Vermont will not be able sell or stock items that have not been certified to the requirements of this law. Both Maryland and Washington D.C., have also suggested this bill, but it has not been passed yet.

How does AB1953 affect you?

Whether you are a consumer or a construction company, this law can affect you. There will be no difference between the amounts of lead allowed in residential or business use. If you are a consumer looking to do a new installation or repair an existent installation after the first of 2010 then you would need to conform to the standards of the law.

The manufacturing cost affecting this new standard can be significantly higher then costs for previous items. The variance in the cost depends on prior lead content. Obviously if the item did not rely heavily on lead then the resulting manufacturing cost increase will not be great. However, the law makers believe that the savings associated with this new standard, as well as the health benefits, will outweigh the cost of the new items

Effected Items

Reasons for the Law

Lead that leaches into water being consumed can cause serious health risks and lead to problems with development of intelligence and learning among children. The reduction of the lead percentage will help to keep lead out of water and in turn out of our bodies. The Center for Disease Control states that there is no safe level for lead, so even though the change seems minute, the effect can be very great.

Be sure to check back after the first of the year, when we will be stocking many of the new items that conform to this law for both our California and Vermont customers.

Products That are AB1953 Compliant