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Trouble-Free Tips to Improve your Bathroom

Trouble-free tips to improve your bathroom that can create a luxury retreat in the comfort of your own home

Robern MT20D4-FHW Fairhaven Cabinet, Chrome KnobDesigning a bathroom is an exciting process. With proper planning, your new bathroom will be the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. Whether you are redesigning your bathroom due to repairs, your bathroom is stuck in the past, you are planning on selling your home or your bathroom just is not “you”, there are a few important things to consider. When redesigning your bathroom it is important to take the layout of the room into consideration. Leaving the plumbing in place is the most cost effective way to redesign a bathroom.

When planning the perfect bathroom it can be helpful to create a wish list and include: notes on style, layout feature and preferences like whirlpool bath or granite vanity top. You may even want to write a sentence or two that describes your vision for the room. The next step is deciding what is going to remain and what is going to be removed. A few simple changes such as adding or changing a bathroom sink, vanity or medicine cabinet can make a big improvement in the look and feel of your bathroom.

American Standard 3027.012 Compact Elongated Bowl, WhiteIf you are redesigning a small space a few minor changes can make the space look and feel larger. One of the first things to consider is the color of the room. Choose pale or neutral colors to make the room seem larger. Many older toilet models are larger than newer designs. Consider replacing your toilet with a newer compact model. Newer models have a variety of options to fit your design needs and tend to be much more water efficient than their older counterparts.

American Bath Factory S2-1100-MD Amalfi Pedestal, Medium StoneInstalling pedestal and vessel sinks can save room, because they do not take up as much space as traditional sinks that builders install. Pedestal sinks are made up of two parts: the base of the sink or pedestal and the sink itself. These designs have a much smaller footprint and make the bathroom appear larger.

DECOLAV 3700 Wrought Iron PedestalVessel sinks are free standing sinks that sit directly atop furniture, or a special pedestal on which the sink is mounted. Unlike many sinks, vessel sinks are unique in color, finish, size and depth to fit modern design needs. The vessel sink is a century old design but will not necessarily give a bathroom remodel an aged feel as these sinks can be found in a variety of contemporary materials such as cast iron, marble, stone, glass, vitreous china and stainless steel.

Price Pfister T42-YP0Y Ashfield Lavatory Faucet, Tuscan BronzeSmaller faucets can contribute to the spaciousness of a pedestal or vessel sink design. Single lever control faucets can be mounted on the wall, or the deck of the sink and create a decorative yet functional focal point.

Double Mirrored Bathroom Design Courtesy of KohlerUsing mirrors in a small space can contribute to the illusion of making the bathroom feel larger. By placing two mirrors in the room instead of the traditional single long mirror you can create the feeling of a never ending room.

American Standard 2771.018W Cadet 5'x36Choosing a smaller bathtub can also create a larger perceived space. Flat bottom bathtubs, even if smaller in size, can be comfortable and deep enough for an enjoyable bath and time save space at the same time. The illusion of a larger bathroom can also be created by selecting a bathtub that is lower-walled, these bathtubs have a smaller wall height, this makes the shower door look larger and in turn, the room itself.

Porcher 30170 Kyomi Console Table, WengeIf you are sharing a bathroom a few small changes can add to functionality as well as design. Creating a bathroom design for two should incorporate the taste of both parties. In order to avoid a bathroom that is gender specific try choosing neutral colors and be willing to compromise. If you are planning on decorating your bathroom with two separate vanities, consider varying counter heights for him and her and look for creative hardware for added interest.

Jacuzzi DY60-959 Venicia Salon Spa Bath w/Chromatherapy, WhiteTake into account that there are some areas where you may want added privacy; closing off the space for the toilet area with a simple door can serve this need without decreasing your square footage. (Hint: Ladies can keep the peace by purchasing toilets that only flush when the lid is closed, (the Kohler Peacekeeper seat is perfect example of this.) The bathroom can be more than a functional room.

HHP HTW Thermostone Heating Towel Warmer, Black SlateCreating a private haven can be done by installing a relaxing whirlpool bath; you can add to this luxury by selecting a tub with chromatherapy lighting. Creating the ideal luxury bath can mean having your very own retreat within your home. Stylish glass and stone vessel sinks, elegant lighting and luxurious furniture are now finding their way into the bathroom while store bought medicine cabinets and vanities are becoming a thing of the past.

Jacuzzi EB00-959 Tara Pure Air II Bath, WhiteBathrooms are now going beyond extending functionality with innovative products that allow homeowners to bring the spa experience home. One of the latest trends in creating a bathroom getaway is the use of stone heaters that are made to keep the room at your desired temperature as well as heat your towels. The stone selection and the use of three types of heat make these fixtures decorative focal points that are energy efficient. Consumers are looking for many features in new homes, making whirlpool baths and showers with body sprays a construction standard is one of them.

Moen TS596BN Savvy ExactTemp 3/4One type of whirlpool bath that is growing in popularity is the air bath which uses millions of effervescent bubbles to massage gently. There is no need to be worried about using your bath oils and salts; unlike traditional whirlpool tubs these items can be used in an air bath.

Showers are also receiving the deluxe treatment. Custom showers can be created by placing showerheads, and body sprays in desired positions. By placing sprays at a lower level showers can be taken without having to worry about getting your hair wet. Raindrop showerheads can be placed at a higher level to complete the rainfall effect in the shower.

Innovation and imagination has opened the door to exciting new bathroom design options, not only contributing to functionality but luxury as well. Designing a home is an exciting process and with proper planning, your new home will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. After taking these tips into consideration and deciding which options will work best for your ideal bathroom consult your builder for any final recommendations

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