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Spring Gardening Tips

It's Springtime! Is your garden ready?

gardening in the springtime
Spring is a time of the year to prepare the garden for a successful fall harvest. There are a few tips and tricks in order to get the garden ready that do not require having a green thumb. With a little patience and extra effort, a spring cleaning can make a garden a beautiful piece to visit during the summer and fall seasons.

Prune Trees and Shrubs
Pruning trees and shrubs promotes new and healthy growth by ridding the plant from dead branches. It can also help prevent any plant disease from spreading to the rest of the tree or shrub. Fruit trees will especially benefit from a good thinning, making it easier to harvest fruit in the fall season.

Clear Planting Areas
If mulch was used to protect the garden bed through the winter months, then it should be removed in the spring once the danger of frost has passed. All debris and weeds have to be removed from the area in order to encourage a healthy garden area. Fertilizing the area with compost will also give new plantings a better chance of surviving.

Start Seeds
Growing plants from seeds is less expensive than buying a grown plant from a garden center. Harvesting can some early in the season if the seeds are started indoors. Many greenhouses and garden centers offer simple to use seed starting kits for purchase at a reasonable price.

Spring is typically an ideal season to plant trees and shrubs because the days are generally cool, cloudy and damp. Try starting a garden early in the spring by planting flowers that thrive in cooler weather, such as pansies, poppies and violas.

Divide Perennials
Older perennials flourish when they have room to grow. Dig out the plant from the soil and gently pull apart the bulbs. Replant the bulbs and give them space to grow and bloom. If there is no more room in the garden to plant the extra bulbs, save them for gifts to give to family and neighbors.