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Let there be Light - How to Light Your Spaces

Robern WMH-B2 Wall Mirror Light, Chrome ShadeNow that you know What Lighting is, it is time to decide how it should be used throughout the home. Different types of light fixtures will create different types of lighting. The all-purpose light in the room is known as ambient lighting. There are many different combinations of ambient lighting that can be designed for specific tasks and can contribute to the style and function of the room.

Bathroom lighting can turn a room from depressing to uplifting in no time at all. Decorative chandeliers and sconces can be placed throughout the room to accent materials that were made to reflect light. Think of all of the surfaces in the bathroom that were made for this very purpose- glass, stainless steel, marble and mirrors, just to name a few. Plan the lighting carefully as all of these surfaces can contribute to large amounts of glare in the room. Decorative lighting, has been designed specifically for pieces in the bathroom, take for example mirrors have special interior lighting that allow for even lighting on each side.

World Imports 3122-63 Claiborne 2 Light Island Fixture, French BronzeLighting in the bathroom can contribute to healing and relaxation as well. An example of this would be chromatherapy lighting systems that can be found in many bathtubs. The artificial light in the system is meant to balance color and lighting around the body to promote energy in places the body may be lacking.

Many tasks take place in the kitchen and therefore task lighting can add style and functionality to the room. This type of lighting is often used in cabinets, pantries and drawers. In addition to lights being strategically placed for tasks the rest of the room should be a combination of accent lighting and decorative lighting. A good overhead light should be used for dining areas as these areas are often used for home office tasks. By selecting a light such as a chandelier that can be lowered, the light can double as a center piece for entertaining. If there is an island in the kitchen these same principals will apply and fixtures are created specifically for kitchen islands.

World Imports 1193-85 Cologne 3 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern with Seedy/Sand Glass, Textured Rust Other main areas of the kitchen which require proper lighting are the sink, countertops and range. Track lighting can be used and should be sufficient for over the countertops and sink. Range canopies are often fitted for lighting specific to cook tops and will include lighting positioned in a multilevel format to reach all parts of the range. Plan for a layered look in the kitchen because no single light source can provide all of the lighting necessary for your kitchen needs, layering the different types light will create a well-lit space.

Planned lighting should not be limited to the interior of the home. Exterior lighting is often overlooked but is useful for aesthetics and safety. Many of the same rules used for interior lighting can be applied outside. Lighting should be placed in the proper focal points, areas for seating, pathways, and used for decorative ornaments. Highlight areas of beauty and mask areas that you do not want to focus on. A common mistake that people make is to use too much light in the yard. Subtle lighting along pathways and garden areas provide beauty as well as safety. Leave the brighter lights over areas that are focal points, such as seating areas.

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