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How to Select an Outdoor BBQ

Grill Type

Outdoor cooking is one of the highlights of the spring and summer seasons; many households even plan their weekly menus around their outdoor BBQ. Summer grilling is fun as a social activity and it’s excellent for drawing members of a busy family together for interaction. Defining the style of your outdoor space by matching it with an outdoor BBQ is a really important early consideration. Here is a breakdown of the different grill types you should consider.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are extremely popular because of their convenience. A gas BBQ is easy to start and quick to heat. Your food is able to be on and off quickly, allowing you to make the most of your entertaining and interaction time. Many small families appreciate the convenience of this approach to grilling, while those that entertain a lot during summer months appreciate the uniformity of heat and the ability to regulate the temperature. It’s easy to find gas BBQ systems in a variety of price ranges and sizes. If you are constructing the equivalent of a backyard kitchen, you will find custom designs to be outstanding for fitting your design needs. If you prefer the simplicity of a small gas grill, there are also a lot of affordable options there as well.

Charcoal Grills

In the wake of the gas BBQ fascination, it has become more challenging to find charcoal grills. The charcoal BBQ may take more time to fire up, but the result is worth the time invested. The pursuit of exceptional results is a fascination for many fans of the charcoal BBQ, and incorporating wood into the firing process permits amazing results in the guise of smoked foods. Selecting a charcoal grill that is large enough to handle your general needs is important. Vents make it possible to adjust heat and smoke, while levers that raise and lower the coals are helpful in adjusting the grilling conditions. As in the case of the gas BBQ, a custom charcoal grill is perfect for incorporation into an exterior food preparation area.

Combo Grills & Smokers

There are a couple of intriguing BBQ designs that allow for special uses and needs to be accommodated. A combined gas and charcoal grill provides the best of both worlds, allowing for quick heating and temperature moderation with the use of the gas portion of the grill while not restricting the family to only that method of outdoor cooking. A combination charcoal grill and smoker system provides the opportunity for the fan of smoked products to explore this type of grilling more intensively. Your choice is best determined by the amount and type of effort you want to put into your grilling activities.

Hopefully this guide will get you on your way to selecting the right BBQ for your family and making this summer one to rememeber by hanging out and grilling great food.