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How to Select a Custom Color Toilet Seat

Custom Color Toilet Seat

Bemis / Church Custom Color Toiler Seats

If you have ever tried to match the correct color for an item you are purchasing online you know how hard it can be. The same thing applies to when you purchase an old home and the entire bathroom is done in a color that is no longer made. This can be extremely frustrating, until Bemis Custom Color toilet seat came along.

How the Bemis Custom Color Toilet Seat Works

Order Your Color Direct Toilet Seat Kit. Once you have received your Color Direct Toilet Seat Kit, you will find the follow contents:

  • Color chips of all 94 color choices with corresponding porcelain manufacturer's color names.
  • Order Form and Instructions.
  • Pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope.

  1. Step 1: Measure your old seat or toilet bowl. Circle your size choice on the order form: Round(model: 200TC plastic seat) or Elongated(model: 1200TC plastic seat). (Only one model of seat is available)
  2.        Custom Color Toilet Seat
  3. Step 2: Choose your desired color (it may be helpful to know the manufacturer of your toilet when trying to match porcelain). Once your desired color is chosen, simply fill in three digit color code.

  4.           Custom Color Toilet Seat

  5. Step 3: Mail Order Form in pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope along with dated store receipt

                       Custom Color Toilet Seat

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