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How to Select Venting for your Home

The selection of venting for a home depends on the application. There are various types of venting that can be installed in a home. Vent pipes are used for gas water heaters, wood burning stoves, the addition of a fireplace insert and other applications. Review the common types of vent pipe that is common in a home.

Stove Pipe
This is a section of venting pipe that is used to connect a wood stove to a wall connection or the ceiling box. The addition of chimney pipe is needed to finish the installation of a wood burning stove. You can find stove pipe in silver, black, and stainless steel. Piping is also commonly offered for a single-wall and double-wall application.

Chimney Pipe
The choice of chimney pipe is another option for wood burning stoves. This pipe is used specifically to run up through an attic to the chimney cap on the roof. Piping is available in a double-wall and a triple-wall design for use inside and outside the home. You can find this type of pipe in galvanized steel or offered in galvanized steel.

Direct Vent
A direct vent pipe is known as a pipe within a pipe. This means that there are essentially two layers used for venting a wood burning stove, a gas stove, and gas fireplaces. The purpose of dual design is to help with combustion. The pipe is typically found in only two diameters and does not require the addition of any other type of pipe to finish an installation.

Pellet Stove Pipe
The installation of a pellet stove is an option that can be used when additional heat is needed in a home or to provide heat in a garage. The pipe used for venting a pellet stove is made of stainless steel to help stop corrosion due to acid from the smoke and exhaust. Pellet stove pipe is used specifically to vent a pellet stove or standalone fireplace that is installed in a home. No other pipe needs to be used to complete an installation.

Type B Pipe
There are a variety of uses for a Type B pipe. This type of pipe is commonly used to vent furnaces and gas water heaters. Gas that is exhausted from water heaters and furnaces is cooler than the exhaust from a gas fireplace or wood burning stove. The colder exhaust means Type B pipe can be used to vent two or more appliances using the same venting system.