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How To Get Serious About Saving Water

How To Get Serious About Saving Water

With high demands of water, it's time to get serious about saving water. Everyone can help with water conservation by adjusting minor water uses everyday. By saving our water now, we can have more flexibility during times of drought and shortage. Here are easy methods to aid in water conservation. Every little bit helps! Below is a picture of the water loss in Lake Mead (one of the largest reservoirs in the United States), as you can see, we are using a lot (the bottom right object is a boat).

Outside landscaping

If You..... You Could Save....
While hand watering, focus on dry spots, pay attention to avoid runoff 750-1500 gallons / month
Reduce irrigation cycles by 1-3 minutes 15-25 gallons / minute
Irrigate your landscapes only in the early morning hours (5 a.m.) 20-25 gallons / day
Adjust irrigation timer valve, run times seasonally 250 gallons / cycle
Adjust sprinklers to avoid unnecessary over spray 500 gallons / month
Fix leaky and broken sprinkler heads 20 gallons / day
Replace spray head nozzles with rotator nozzles* 1200 gallons / year / nozzle
Use drips or bubblers to irrigate your flower and shrub beds 20-25 gallons / day
Use irrigation controller with rain sensor* 40 gallons / day
Replace part of lawn with low water plants 1000-1800 gallons / month
Put 2-4 inches of mulch around bushes, trees and shrubs 20-30 gallons / day / 1000 ft2

Outdoor Cleaning

If You..... You Could Save....
Clean sidewalks and driveways with broom rather than hose 8-18 gallons / minute
Take car to car wash or at least use a self-closing hose nozzle 8-18 gallons / minute
Use pool and spa covers 30 gallons / day
Repair leaks around hose bibs, spigots, pool and spa pumps 15-20 gallons / day / leak
Clean pool filter manually rather than back wash 250-1000 gallons / cleaning

Indoor Living

If You..... You Could Save....
Fix leaky faucets and toilets 20-50 gallons / day / fixture
Install aerators on all faucets 4.7 gallons / day / faucet
Run only full loads in your clothes and dish washers 300-800 gallons / month
Keep showers to less than 10 minutes 700 gallons / month
Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving 240 gallons / month
Don't use toilet as a trash can 400-600 gallons / month
Replace old toilet with more efficient toilet* 2.2-3.8 gallon / flush
Replace clothes washer with efficient appliance* 20-30 gallons / load
Replace old showerhead with one that uses 2.5 gallons per minute 1000s of gallons / month
When hand washing dishes, fill sink, don't leave water running 2.5 gallons / minute
* Depending on your area rebates can be available for those that use specified water saving products

Remember, the water we save today is the water we'll need tomorrow. Shop all of our water saving products.

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